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Pure Joy!
MJ 15.09.2018
Rebounding is the ONLY exercise I've ever done that 1) I look forward to, 2) smile and laugh while using it and 3) use with consistency - no more boring dreadmill, no more fitness instructors yelling at me, just complete delight -- simply put, bouncing on my brightly colored Bellicon (with alternating confetti bungees) brings me pure joy! I turn up the tunes, get going, and all stress melts ...
Tags: Fun, Relaxation, fun, joy
Judith 27.07.2018
LOVE this rebounder. LOVE what it has done for me---not just the physical, but the emotional changes---this is a phenomenal 'MUST HAVE' in everyone's home. I have had more people at work ask me what I've done to lose weight, be toned, and I'm guessing they like my new attitude ! I'm standing taller now, and able to lift up my head and walk forward without self-consciousness --doing the Bellicon ...
10 minutes on a bellicon® can achieve miracles!
Carmen Göttig 09.04.2015

"I’m very satisfied with my bellicon® rebounder! After a busy day at work, 10 minutes on my bellicon® are enough to achieve miracles. Afterwards, I feel relaxed and content. I often practice with music – which is really fun. I’ve pointed out to my family and friends that it’s really worth investing in a bellicon®, and I love mine!"

Tags: Relaxation, Fun
Fun is the deciding factor
Inge Schneider

"We both have a job that involves a lot of sitting down and we were looking for an enjoyable way to relax a little after work and to do some exercise that didn’t involve getting changed and leaving the house again. The fun factor was why I decided to purchase a bellicon® as I’m not really that keen on sport.

I put on a good CD and swing almost every evening to my favorite music. In short: it’s fun, really relaxing and a good way to increase your fitness even if you are a couch potato."

Tags: Fun, Relaxation