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Fitter in just one week
Derek Mathias 06.11.2015
It is so enjoyable to use. I have back problems and need to keep supple. Jogging and jumping to my favorite music half an hour a day makes me feel so happy. I feel so much fitter even in a week.
The bellicon® makes you happy and left wanting more
Gislinde Heuer

"The bellicon® rebounder makes you happy and left wanting more. I use it about 4 to 5 times a week, sometimes for a short time, sometimes for longer and especially with music. In the beginning it was a little bit difficult. For about 3 weeks I could only go on the minitrampoline for a short period of time as it then made me feel a little unwell and dizzy.

My perseverance has paid off though as my back pain in the iliosacral joint areas have almost completely disappeared. The purchase of a bellicon® trampoline was a good investment and I would gladly recommend it to others."

Tags: Back-pain, Joints
Help with lymphatic blockages and fibromyalgia
Sabine Heinermann 23.12.2014
Today I would like to let you know how I feel about my bellicon® rebounder! Really: very little effort, great results! For 2 ½ months now, I have been using my bellicon® 2 – 3 times a day for 5 minutes at a time. It started to have effect immediately as my legs, which were quite swollen due to a lymphatic blockage, became slim again after the first day of bouncing. The pains in my back and legs that always appear due to my fibromyalgia were almost nonexistent due to bouncing on the bellicon® minitrampoline. At the moment I’m almost pain free!
A small miracle: No more backache!
G. Gron 07.08.2015

"A short time ago, I bought a bellicon® and I can only say positive things about it. I am 53 years old and have been suffering back pains for about 20 years. I notice that it really helps me.
In the past, I had already tried everything possible – from established medical to alternative methods. Since I have been bouncing daily on the bellicon®, I have noticeably less problems with for example walking or the daily routine of dressing and undressing.
It really is a small miracle, although I was a little suspicious in the beginning. It was through the »Initiative Gesunder Ruecken« magazine (AGR) that I became aware of the bellicon® rebounder as they recommend it as being especially gentle on the back."

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Obvious improvement for the back
Lisa Schuler 22.01.2016

 "I ordered the bellicon® rebounder for my mother as she has had problems with her spinal discs for the last year. She had to undergo physical therapy for this, and was given different exercises with the same trampoline. As she noticed an obvious improvement in her back, she wanted exactly the same trampoline for at home.
Now it is not only my mother who exercises on it, but also my father. In short, this device is not only fun, it is something for the whole family. We are very satisfied."

Help after spinal disc problems
Lydia Trautmann 13.07.2015

"During rehabilitation I was made aware of the bellicon® trampoline. Although therapists advised me to be careful because of problems with my spinal discs, I decided to try it anyway. I had strong pains in the lumber area and the sacroiliac joint; my muscles were also incredibly tense.
After only the first exercise session (20 minutes), I noticed a significant reduction in pain due to my muscles being more relaxed and my sacroiliac joint being more flexible. The bouncing and swinging had relaxed the sacroiliac joint. Based on this positive result, I decided to make this purchase.
I keep my bellicon® rebounder in the basement, in front of the television. I use it with a music player, so it’s even more fun."

I love it!
Theresa 04.04.2015

I love my bellicon! I use it daily, the quality is amazing! It is the best piece of exercise equipment I've purchased. I can finally do cardio daily without knee and lower back pain.

Tags: back-pain, knee
I began to develop stress incontinence when I sneeze...
Nancy 11.08.2014

I have had my Bellicon rebounder for a little over two weeks. I was anxious to get started as I had researched rebounding and all the great effects it had on overall health. I started out doing the health bounce for a few minutes a couple of times a day.

The day before and day I received the rebounder, my mid back was sore and stiff from sleep. After the first few minutes on the rebounder, I got off and noticed that my back wasn't achy anymore! I was amazed as I thought it would take a week or so for the soreness to work itself out.

About a month before I got the rebounder I began to develop stress incontinence when I sneeze.

Anyone with this problem knows that stress incontinence and jumping don't go together. I could do the health bounce without any issues. After about three days of light rebounding, I wasn't afraid to sneeze! I could feel that when I jump I had to work those muscles the whole time I'm bouncing. I'm sure I saw quicker results as I just started to develop the stress incontinence.

After about a week, I saw my posture was greatly improved. I used to have rounded curved-in shoulders and now they are completely straight across. I used to go to the chiropractor years ago to achieve the straight shoulders but they would eventually go back to being slumpy.

I have worked up to jumping on the rebounder for 10 minutes twice a day and along with a healthier diet, I lost 5 pounds!

The Bellicon rebounder is quiet, great quality and looks great! I am totally satisfied and tell everyone about rebounding and my Bellicon!

Mini Trampolin after Herniated Disc
Lydia Trautmann 23.03.2014

I first heard of the bellicon trampoline during rehab. Though the therapists advised against it, I decided to try it. I had bad pains in the lower back region, in the sacroiliac joint, and massive muscle tension.

After only the first training unit (20 minutes) I felt considerable pain relief because my muscles relaxed and I got more mobility of the sacroiliac joints. They loosened due to the see-saw and swinging motion. For the positive effects I decided to buy the device.

I put the mini trampoline in the basement in front of the TV. I also use it with a music station, then it is even more fun.

Now I get it!
Second Chance 14.02.2012

The bellicon is our first rebounder. I did a lot of research before settling on what everyone says is the best. Without anything to compare it to I feel we made the right choice. We knew going in that we wanted something quiet that we could put in the den while watching TV. And it needed to be durable enough to stand up to multiple bouncers. So far it's met all of our expectations. The quality of this product is undeniable. This has been the perfect therapy tool for our child who has motor stereotypy... totally worth the money for this alone. But then there's the benefit to the adults in the house. At first, I thought the bellicon had been over-hyped. While the jumping was fun at first, I just wasn't enjoying it as much as I had anticipated. I actually felt sore and had a strain in my lower back. And this was with only 2 minutes at a time, eventually going up to 10 minutes at a time. I chatted online with a bellicon representative, who confirmed that I did have the recommended band strength. She then suggested that I try jumping in shoes if I thought the bounce was too hard. I admit I had thought of that, but I was reluctant because I really liked the idea of just jumping on whenever the urge hit me, without having to gear up for a workout. But I tried it and it did seem to make a difference. With that said, it may not sound like a ringing endorsement of the bellicon, but it really is. After jumping in shoes for a few days, things really started to turn around. I realized I was actually trying to do too much too fast. I took a few days off to rest my body and when I came back to it things were so much better. Now I jump for 45 minutes to an hour at a time... and usually with no shoes! I just put on one of my favorite shows and the time goes by so quickly. If you think it's not working for you just stick with it. But still be mindful of what your body is telling you because you don't want to injure yourself. Build up slowly to your desired workout. I thought I'd have an easier time of it because I regularly jogged/walked on the treadmill prior to the rebounder. But it's taken me about a month and a half to build up to my current workout time. Now I really do look forward to it. My stamina has increased and I feel stronger. Really, I just feel better all around!