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Best jump!!!
N Greville 15.09.2018
I love this trampoline. I’ve been working out more consistently and the workouts are a joy and efficient. Plus my kids (2.5, 5.5years) use it when they need to burn some energy or bedore school to get their bodies all ready.

Seriously, nice soft bounce (and that is with bungees that are stronger than recommended so I can do quick workout bounces) and it doesn’t make a peep. I am looking ...
A joy!
Jeff 29.04.2016

I'm 6'2" over 200lbs, 45 years old. I went with the 44" extra strong. I've had it about a month and I do 20 minutes a day. I truly look forward to it (unlike other forms of exercise). I feel like I have to do it every day and always plan for it, whether it's early morning or after work. I always feel better afterwards. It's easy on the joints and I can just picture the lymph flowing. I like bouncing outdoors, but indoors is cool too when the weather is bad. No excuses! My daughter loves it too. Looking forward to rebounding for a long time to come.

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My Son Loves It!
Susan 03.02.2016

My 19-year old son, diagnosed with autism, absolutely loves his Bellicon rebounder! We have tried so many other rebounders, and my son would wear them out in less than a year. Along with the frustrations of the other companies not honoring my warranty due to his special-needs, there were dangerous aspects of having his feet fall through the broken springs and having the rebounder legs bend away from the main frame.

It's been several years now, and the only thing we've had to replace are the bungee cords. My son jumps on it many times every day. It helps him handle his emotions and creates a leveling effect on his moods. He jumps extra hard when he's happy and also when he's frustrated - his rebounder is the only thing in the house that really matters to him. He loves the extra springing jump, and he has had rebounders in the past that he refused to use because they weren't springy enough.

Thank you, Bellicon, for making the only rebounder that can handle my son's aggressive jumping and brings so much joy to his life.

Tags: autism, child
An unexpected benefit has occurred for me...
Jeff Dunaway 08.06.2015

ONE MONTH UPDATE: I really love my Bellicon. I bounce everyday throughout the day and have even hit 40 minutes a day with my favorite music. NOW.... an unexpected benefit has occurred for me. Before Bellicon I had some kind of neuropathy in my feet which made it very painful to walk outside on my lawn or driveway with bare feet.

I'm surprised to report that after one month of bouncing on the Bellicon.... the neuropathy is gone! In addition to that my body is noticeably more toned. In the past I ran 5 miles a day, 365 days a year and, pumped iron.

The feeling I get from my Bellicon is far superior to those activities. I'll never stop bouncing. ps....... my 7 year old daughter bounces every morning before school for a few minutes of fun. In reality, her bouncing guarantees that she is bright eyed and wide awake for her classes!

We are definitely a Bellicon bouncing family now.

Tati Gib 12.04.2015

Hi - I've been rebounding for the past six years on a cheap rebounder which I thought was great. I've invested on bellicon classes 3 months ago and all I can say is that its amazing, to the extent that I have just purchased a second one for my daughter. Yes, maybe a little pricey, but certainly worth it!

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Worth the money
Amygdala 26.01.2015

We bought this for our 8 year old autistic son. We live in the Chicago area so we were able to go the the showroom. We were reluctant to spend so much on a trampoline but we have gone thru many of them. This will be our last one. This thing is built to last, gives great bounce and is super quiet. We bought the soft bounce bungees and we will trade them out for medium bounce as our son grows. Nice people that work there too, in the showroom and in the factory where we picked it up.

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Awesome! Exercise anytime!
SeattleMom 17.12.2014

I keep my Bellicon Premium with blue mat and orange bungees in my living room and it looks so pretty! It has not only helped me get fitter but it also has helped my Kindergartener. He uses it more than I do and it helps him burn off his energy in a good way, instead of watching TV at night, we make it a game about who does more jumps on the Bellicon and the kiddo always wins :).

I think I saw a growth spurt in the kiddo recently and I want to thank Bellicon for that. Thanks for the double win! :)

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Rebounding for 10 years - bellicon is way better!
Patty 28.11.2014

Well I just got my bellicon rebounder and I am SO impressed! I've been using a ReboundAir for the last 10 years and really enjoyed it. I just happened to go online for some motivation on rebounding and came across the bellicon website, after spending some time reading about it and watching the videos I decided to order one that night! It came today and the difference in the bounce is SPECTACULAR! I feel like I get a much better workout than I ever had on the ReboundAir. My little two-and-a-half year old grandson is loving it - and even though he jumped on my "old" one for the last few weeks - he is choosing to use the bellicon as the two rebounders are sitting side by side right now! I'm giving my old one to my daughter BUT SHE TOO is choosing to buy a bellicon! If you're thinking about buying a rebounder choose the bellicon -- you will be, as I am, very HAPPY!!! Thank you bellicon for a GREAT product, I'm more than pleased!

I might have to fight my 6 year old for the Bellicon
Casey 16.07.2014

I just received my Bellicon (49") today. Took it out of the box, unfolded the legs and it was ready to go. I only jumped for a minute and I was in love. My 6 year old daughter started jumping and now I can't get her off of it! I can't wait to start jumping on it in the morning!

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It's simple, easy and most of all, fun!
Jonathan from Fitchburg 23.03.2014

I can honestly say that most of my purchases do not fully meet my expectations. The bellicon is much better than I expected it would be! I cannot believe how well it is constructed. The legs are a work of art and that's coming from a person who is a perfectionist when it comes to build quality. Your company is truly promoting a wonderful product, which helps facilitate health, happiness, and quality of life.

My daughter is still learning to bounce and loves it. She definitely brings our family a lot of happiness and now we can have more fun together everyday. I guess I have to thank for posting the bellicon, otherwise I might have never learned about it. The beauty of the product is what really caught my eye. At first the cost of the bellicon really surprised me, I thought to myself "Almost $1000 for a trampoline?" That's crazy, who would purchase such a thing? Then as I did more and more research I became fascinated as to why so many reviews and people on-line raved about the "Belli". I have tried other spring-type trampolines before and I was never really impressed by how they performed. They were usually too stiff and poorly made. Kind of like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Other trampolines we're just too hard or too soft, the bellicon is just right. LOL

After much contemplation I realized $1000 is a bargain for something that promotes health, for without health not many things in life can be enjoyed. People pay hundreds of dollars each month for cell phone and cable TV bills, but hesitate in spending for products that would promote their health.

I know too many friends who have purchased treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines and other exercise "gadgets" that rarely get used after the initial excitement of a new purchase wears off. It is because they are not fun! If it's not fun, it's work, and people don't want to do it. I don't have time to go the gym or join a health club that I won't use, which is why I purchased the bellicon. I can just roll it out and I'm ready to go in no time at all. It's simple, easy, and most of all, fun!

If I could make a couple of suggestions, one would be don't ever sacrifice on the quality of the product. I see too many companies that come out with a really good product and then a few years later they get cheap and it just isn't the same anymore. Afterwards, people get disappointed and stop purchasing the product which leads to failure, it's often tempting to do because of tight margins but not very smart. What makes the bellicon what it is, is the quality! It's not cheap, but the best doesn't come cheap, if I wanted a mediocre product I would have purchased a spring rebounder for $200 that would sit in the corner all the time. The economy is tough right now, but I believe people are still willing to pay for high-quality products, they just have to be shown the way. Apple is a perfect example of this. People might cancel their health club memberships, but they still need to workout. The bellicon is a one-time purchase that will last for years. How many purchases provide this much enjoyment for a one-time purchasing price?

The custom options were key for me in deciding to purchase the bellicon. I liked the fact that I could customize the bellicon for my tastes. I really felt like it was a product being tailored just for me. One size does not fit all! The colors of the bands, different metal wire on the bands and choice of mat colors really set the bellicon apart from the competition. It's also reassuring that it has a great warranty and that if something fails it can be replaced without replacing the whole thing.

I think that's about it! The bellicon is pretty much a perfect product.

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