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This is an awesome product
Theresa 10.06.2019
I have only used my 44 inch classic THREE TIMES for about 10-15 min each time, in the last week so far, and already am shrinking a few millimeters all over, have better energy and get this-my aging far sightedness has actually improved a little! This is crazy in only 10 min, and only three times

If you are concerned about the investment cost, really, let that go, yes it is an investment, but ...
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Best decision for my health
Leslie 28.07.2018
I have had my rebounder since Nov 2017, but have been using it 5 - 6 days/week for 40 minutes since Jan 2018, when I signed up for a video subscription. I have struggled with finding an exercise routine that I could stick with and am thrilled that the bellicon has worked out the way it has. I was inspired to start rebounding after I went back to grad school at age 56 and began to feel the ...
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Helping with my balance, energy, fitness and overall health
Debra 19.01.2016

I'm nearly 65 and have been dealing with a Vestibular (balance) disorder 24/7 for 19 years. bellicon is truly helping with my balance, energy, fitness and overall health. I am able to use this rebounder daily, despite arthritis, Morton's Neuroma on my left foot and a torn meniscus in my right knee! It is low impact and fun! Did I mention I'm a very firm size 4? I only wish I had known about it 20 years ago! Thank you, bellicon!

Positive Experience
Joe B. 30.12.2015

All aspects of getting the rebounder were positive. There was a "qlitch" getting the shorter legs to arrive with the unit, but Bellicon-USA resolved completely.

I've had the rebounder for just over a month. I'm currently jumping 10 minutes 3-4 times a day. I've noticed I'm responding to the increase in proprioception during rebounding. My balance is better. The flexibility in my feet has increased greatly. This is translating into my posture and my gait. Time spent on the rebounder seems to increase overall energy. I'm pleased I made the purchase.

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Best Rebounder and Product Support Ever
David 18.12.2015

Our son has some disabilities and uses a rebounder for hours a day to dissipate energy and anxiety. We have tried all of the major brands and this product greatly exceeds all others in design, build quality and product support.

We have literally gone through several dozen lesser rebounders (including Cellercise) and nothing compares with this product. Not to say we don't wear out mats and bungees (with multiple hours of rebounding each and every day), but Lauren and team Bellicon stand by their product and warranty and have always replaced mats and other durable items in accordance with the warranty. The frame remains completely "bulletproof" and I would easily have replaced numerous others in the several years we have owned this premium Bellicon.

In short-our family cannot offer anything but the highest praise for this fine product, company, and staff!

Value, quality, most fun exercise
Kansas Kate 12.08.2015

I grew up with a trampoline but haven't been on one for many years. In my sixties I want to get and stay fit after shattering my knee a few years ago. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Bellicon which I have waited for years to buy. Wish I had purchased it years ago. I use it to break the monotony of sitting at my desk for hours, doing quick 5 to 10 minute jumping breaks to increase my energy. I also use it when I watch TV at night. I have had no negative repercussions from using it regularly even with a history of osteoporosis and previously broken bones. Overall, I have more energy, sleep better at night and know that the work it does to drain my lymph system is a good way to combat cancer that is rampant in my family.

I purchased the 49" Bellicon as I am fairly tall and wanted the largest space to be able to do the largest variety of exercises possible. Although the rebounder looks like a small trampoline it has a sturdier bounce that makes it better for various reasons. I am 5'7", 130 so I have the "strong" bungees. Mine has the folding legs which are very sturdy and make storing it away easy when needed. For the most part it stays open because I enjoy jumping daily.

I highly recommend Bellicon and believe no other brand is equal. Their customer service is exceptional. I received my well-packed Bellicon in about 4 days. I could not be happier to have made this purchase.

It's surprisingly fun and relaxing
M. 05.05.2015

The Bellicon was easy to assemble and lighter than expected.

It's surprisingly fun and relaxing. I like bouncing on it in the morning while listening to dance music. Even just a few minutes on the Bellicon each day seems to help strengthen my legs, which were quite weakened during recent chemotherapy for breast cancer.

I underwent axillary lymph node surgery a few months ago and my right arm is at risk for lymphedema. Every day I'm supposed to do a bunch of physical therapy exercises--stretches and weights--and if I do everything as prescribed it would take about an hour and a half. The PT gets a little boring, but I recently tried adding a few minutes of rebounding on the Bellicon in between stretches, and that has provided a much needed energy boost. I'm also pleased to know that rebounding is supposed to be good for the lymphatic system.

Thanks for a great product.

Fully satisfied
Tom 24.03.2015

I love this product.

I never imagined exercising could be so easy and enjoyable. I use my bellicon 15-20 minutes a day. I feel energized and sleep better. I originally considered purchasing a less expensive competitor brand and now glad I didn't. The bellicon is worth every penny.

I never do reviews on products I purchase but for this one I have to make an exception.

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Great product!
Jolene 19.03.2015

Just received my brand new bellicon rebounder and I've been jumping on it all evening. I have loved using mini trampolines for years, but I went through them fast. Broken springs, tearing loops.. I didn't mind the noise of the springs too much. Trying out the bellicon I'm noticing how much more spring it has than the ones I was used to. It's so so nice and smooth. Exactly what I was hoping for.. It's a great workout and I can feel all of my muscles working hard, but the beauty is that I can adjust the intensity very low until I feel a bit energized again. And it definitely beats sitting on the couch watching videos. Now I can actively watch the shows I love and getting a workout at the same time. And... oh yes: the super quiet bungees are making my workout completely silent. Love it Love it Love it!!!!! I will use this thing until I'm old and grey. Well worth the investment and so much more portable than a treadmill or an elliptical. Much more fun too because you constantly use your creativity in alternating jump patterns. As a fitness instructor I would absolutely endorse this product for everyone!

Life is good
Faye 03.03.2015

I'm 72, have had a balance problem since experiencing an inner ear issue in 2011. Because of asthma and mild COPD, I could only walked in the Spring and Fall due to higher heat and biting cold.

I decided to purchase a Bellicon rebounder with support bar knowing it could be returned it if it did not work out. It was the best gift that I have given myself to date. The results in only three months have been; more energy and stamina, improvement in balance and coordination and my massage therapist has noticed the difference in body tone.

Had routine check up last week with my primary doctor; numbers were all good, HDL (high density lipoprotein) was up ten points and I attribute that increase to using my rebounder. Life is good....