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The bellicon is amazing!
Cindy Savino 15.09.2018
The Bellicon is amazing! It is made of quality materials and is also so much fun! I can't keep my family off of it! This makes exercising so much more fun. Don't hesitate to get this. We love it! ...
The best, safest and most effective
Gerry Reid 15.09.2018
I'm 83 years young and have studied and been a"rebounder " for over thirty years. My first rebounder had a lifetime guarantee and I gave it to my granddaughter a few years ago, after buying my first Bellicon trampoline..
I am convinced from all I've read that it is the best, safest and most effective form of exercise for all ages.
My routine is to bounce @ 20-30 minutes a day, with 4 # ...
Best Exercise Ever!
Osteo BLAST 29.05.2016

The day I found out I had osteoporosis at age 50, I ordered my bellicon. Having been consistent about exercise for the past 25 years, mostly low impact cardio and a lot of weight lifting, believe it or not, I have been shocked at the degree of muscle growth in my lower body in such a short period of time. At only 5 ft, I ordered the 49" which gives me plenty of room to do all of my "moves". I agree with others, it is addictive!

A joy!
Jeff 29.04.2016

I'm 6'2" over 200lbs, 45 years old. I went with the 44" extra strong. I've had it about a month and I do 20 minutes a day. I truly look forward to it (unlike other forms of exercise). I feel like I have to do it every day and always plan for it, whether it's early morning or after work. I always feel better afterwards. It's easy on the joints and I can just picture the lymph flowing. I like bouncing outdoors, but indoors is cool too when the weather is bad. No excuses! My daughter loves it too. Looking forward to rebounding for a long time to come.

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Runner's High
Janet 23.04.2016

It has been 17 years since I have been able to jog/run due to a knee injury requiring two right knee arthoscopies. I am 57 years old and I miss running so much. I do a lot of walking, hiking, biking and swimming, but none of these activities give me that runner's high that I miss from my days of running. You runners out there will know that feeling!

I hesitated about purchasing a rebounder because I was fearful it would hurt my bad knee. I do not live near a big city where they sometimes have Bellicons to try at some of the gyms. I took the gamble and purchased a classic 44 inch Bellicon. I absolutely LOVE it and it is the exercise on my Bellicon that gets me that runner's high that I have craved for years.

Tags: knee, exercise
LOVE my new rebounder!
Applefirewalker 20.04.2016

I can't stop using it. It is addicting. I rebound for hours every single day. I'm seeing the weight just melt off. I wish I bought this years and years ago. Thanks Bellicon for such a wonderful product!

Love it!
Lena 17.04.2016

I love it! It's sturdy, i feel safe when i am jumping. I started slow, about 100 jumps 2-3 times a day but I hope to build my stamina and to increase my exercise level. Thank you!

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Happy Hopper
Ginavee 02.04.2016

I discovered an exercise that I really love! Jumping makes me happy! I jump when I get home from work to get the kinks out and I jump as soon as I wake up to get my body moving- I am usually very stiff in the morning and after jumping I find relief. I start out very gently and move into more strenuous repetitions, but all the while smiling! It doesn't matter how long I jump, whether it's a few minutes or 30- I get that instant helping of happiness! So fun! The Bellicon quality really makes a difference as I never was all that excited about rebounding before- Years ago I owned a cheap spring one that barely cleared the floor and I ended up giving it to the kids to play on and never thought I would revisit it. I heard about the health benefits of lymph stimulation and of course I wanted to firm up my thighs- which I'm still looking forward to - but the emotional wellness I have experienced makes the journey towards the physical so much more rewarding and less of a chore. In just 2 weeks Bellicon has already enhanced my life. I will soon be utilizing the be360 site and am looking forward to that! Thank you!

Tags: exercise, jumping
Kari 05.03.2016

I have not had it long at all but my back problems have come a long way already ! I was told I needed to exercise my core but I was limited in what I could do because of pain. Rebounding is truly working for me. Its low impact and this bellicon is not jarring like other cheaper rebounders. Yes its an investment but ive spent way more on other things that just made me feel worse!! Its a very smoothe bounce and just plain fun. I highly recommend it. Keep bouncing !!

So glad I bought a Bellicon!
Spudheidi 23.02.2016

After spending 1 - 2 weeks researching every rebounder on the market, I decided on Bellicon and am so glad I did! It's super solid, stable, and best of all, fun! The be360 online program is great, too, with all the videos to choose from. I never realized how many exercises could be done on a mini trampoline! This is the first time I've actually looked forward to exercising. The slight muffin top I developed over the holidays is gone after just a few weeks of fun on the Bellicon!

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