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The bellicon is amazing!
Cindy Savino 15.09.2018
The Bellicon is amazing! It is made of quality materials and is also so much fun! I can't keep my family off of it! This makes exercising so much more fun. Don't hesitate to get this. We love it! ...
Great for the whole family !
Yami 01.02.2016

December 2010 at age 55, I weighed 185 pounds at 5'6" tall. My knees hurt and I was out of breath when climbing the stairs to my third floor office in my home. I had strength trained since 2008, decreasing my back pain by 90%, and my knee pain by 20%, but hadn't lost one pound and still out of breath. My husband said I needed to add more cardio to my strength training, but my knees hurt every time I attempted. April 2011, when browsing DVDs on Amazon, I discovered Urban Rebounding Extreme Training DVD's. I researched and read about the benefits of rebounding and that it is gentle on the joints. I ordered the DVDs and dragged out a mini tramp my husband bought years ago..

I immediately began to loose weight, ordered more rebounding DVDs and a quality spring based rebounder. I rebounded six days a week and incorporated my strength training with the soft weights as demonstrated in many of the videos. I began a calendar rotating videos to keep my workouts diverse and exciting. I look forward to knowing I've scheduled African dance rebounding, ballet rebounding, kickboxing, etc. It keeps things fresh and I know I've worked every body part over the course of a week.

By October 2011, I had lost 25 pound and felt I deserved the reward of the best rebounder for my 56th birthday. I ordered my Bellicon Classic and absolutely love the bounce and the ease on my joints. By Spring 2012, I lost an additional 15 pounds and my knee pain improved by 90%. I believe it was a combination of the weight loss and strengthening of my calf and thigh muscles.

Today, January 2016 at age 60, I have maintained my 40 pound weight loss and this week lost one more pound. I now weigh 144 pounds and have a BMI of 23.2 My knee may twinge once a month or so. When this happens, I put on a cloth knee brace while rebounding and I'm fine in a couple days. The best thing is I'm in the best shape of my life. I was thin up to age 40, but had a very weak core and aching back. I now easily climb the stairs from by basement to third floor, can deadlift 100 pounds (my doctor said to cut back to 40, I compromised to 60 pounds), and I can do some terribly awkward looking chin ups.

Rebounding changed the quality of my life. Staying fit is not a chore, it is a lifestyle and a healthy hobby. I always look forward to new rebounding DVDs and workout wear as rewards. I just ordered my third set of bungees from Bellicon and can't wait for my new Bellicon DVDs to arrive in the mail.


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Lisa 15.01.2015

Having broken my ankle in 2012 and then developing severe knee arthritis in 2013, I was looking for anything that would allow me to get some movement. Walking wasn't working because it just made my knee hurt more. I did my research and learned about rebounding. I originally purchased a Walmart brand of trampoline. Once I realized that I really did like rebounding, and that it did not seem to inflame my knee, I did some research and found that there was no better trampoline that bellicon, Everything I read said this was the one to buy. It took my several days to accept the fact that this was not a $28 trampoline and I finally took the leap of faith that it would be worth the cost and I ordered it. I have never looked back. My bellicon came quickly and from the very first minute, I could see that there was no comparison with the Walmart version. I could actually jump and get a workout on the Bellicon, something I was never able to achieve on the Walmart version. The bounce was easier, just walking in place was easier and I now knew that my joints were really safe! Now, my only "problem" with the bellicon is not being able to keep my family off of it. My son LOVES it. My husband LOVES it. Now I have to fight for my time to jump, This was truly the BEST purchase I ever made and if anyone is questioning the price, all you need to do is jump on the bellicon and you will know instantly that it's worth every penny!

Love it!
RaeZor 13.10.2014

I put this in the middle of my family room and put a cushion on top and a soft stretchy fabric around the edge and turned it into an ottoman for extra seating. I love having it right there where it will entice me to jump every day. I shared the photo on your facebook page and gave instructions of what I did, but it was so simple and it looks amazing in my family room.

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Everyone loves it!
Wendy W. 24.03.2014

My family has had a spring rebounder for at least 4 years. I believe rebounders are a great health tool but my head could not handle the jarring bounce. Further, the jarring caused other areas of discomfort, so I avoided using it, only the kids did. While researching rebounders for my parents, I found out about bellicon and watched the videos (which were quite convincing) and decided to upgrade. SO GLAD we did. The difference is profound and I can jump multiple times a day without triggering a headache.

Everyone loves it and the truly joyous experience the bellicon provides. Using it has reduced all-over-stiffness, especially in my middle back. We all love it and feel that it was a great investment for our health. Plus no more squealing springs!

Thank you very much for a great product!

It's simple, easy and most of all, fun!
Jonathan from Fitchburg 23.03.2014

I can honestly say that most of my purchases do not fully meet my expectations. The bellicon is much better than I expected it would be! I cannot believe how well it is constructed. The legs are a work of art and that's coming from a person who is a perfectionist when it comes to build quality. Your company is truly promoting a wonderful product, which helps facilitate health, happiness, and quality of life.

My daughter is still learning to bounce and loves it. She definitely brings our family a lot of happiness and now we can have more fun together everyday. I guess I have to thank for posting the bellicon, otherwise I might have never learned about it. The beauty of the product is what really caught my eye. At first the cost of the bellicon really surprised me, I thought to myself "Almost $1000 for a trampoline?" That's crazy, who would purchase such a thing? Then as I did more and more research I became fascinated as to why so many reviews and people on-line raved about the "Belli". I have tried other spring-type trampolines before and I was never really impressed by how they performed. They were usually too stiff and poorly made. Kind of like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Other trampolines we're just too hard or too soft, the bellicon is just right. LOL

After much contemplation I realized $1000 is a bargain for something that promotes health, for without health not many things in life can be enjoyed. People pay hundreds of dollars each month for cell phone and cable TV bills, but hesitate in spending for products that would promote their health.

I know too many friends who have purchased treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines and other exercise "gadgets" that rarely get used after the initial excitement of a new purchase wears off. It is because they are not fun! If it's not fun, it's work, and people don't want to do it. I don't have time to go the gym or join a health club that I won't use, which is why I purchased the bellicon. I can just roll it out and I'm ready to go in no time at all. It's simple, easy, and most of all, fun!

If I could make a couple of suggestions, one would be don't ever sacrifice on the quality of the product. I see too many companies that come out with a really good product and then a few years later they get cheap and it just isn't the same anymore. Afterwards, people get disappointed and stop purchasing the product which leads to failure, it's often tempting to do because of tight margins but not very smart. What makes the bellicon what it is, is the quality! It's not cheap, but the best doesn't come cheap, if I wanted a mediocre product I would have purchased a spring rebounder for $200 that would sit in the corner all the time. The economy is tough right now, but I believe people are still willing to pay for high-quality products, they just have to be shown the way. Apple is a perfect example of this. People might cancel their health club memberships, but they still need to workout. The bellicon is a one-time purchase that will last for years. How many purchases provide this much enjoyment for a one-time purchasing price?

The custom options were key for me in deciding to purchase the bellicon. I liked the fact that I could customize the bellicon for my tastes. I really felt like it was a product being tailored just for me. One size does not fit all! The colors of the bands, different metal wire on the bands and choice of mat colors really set the bellicon apart from the competition. It's also reassuring that it has a great warranty and that if something fails it can be replaced without replacing the whole thing.

I think that's about it! The bellicon is pretty much a perfect product.

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Bellicon...the best thing for the whole family!
Isabelle P. 23.03.2014

I had been talking about getting a rebounder for almost a year, then for Christmas, my husband gave me a card with “the rebounder of my choice” written in it...I was extremely excited! I had looked on line and there was no question...the bellicon was clearly the best rebounder on the market (although I had never tried it or even seen it for real). The plan was that our bellicon should go in the basement for the daily work out. However, after reading about the benefits of short frequent jumps (2 minutes boosts the immune system for 1 hour!), we decided to keep it in our main living area and it looks good too! That way everybody gets to jump on it all the time. Even after 3 months, it’s still a race for the kids in the morning to be the first one to rebound - and before every meal and after school and for all the friends too! With all this multi-person use, thank goodness it is quiet and doesn’t squeak!

I love the DVD that came with it, it gave me ideas on movements to do and now I jump on my own to my favorite music or while catching up on some audio books, TV shows, etc. I feel energized, toned and healthy. I even lost 12 pounds with the rebounding and some better food choices. I can’t say enough good things about the bellicon. We have a treadmill, but won’t be replacing it when it breaks because this new, quiet, energy friendly, health and fitness equipment is simply the best! Try for yourself! Have fun rebounding!

Totally worth every penny
Somdatta 09.09.2013

I have been the proud owner of the Bellicon 44" rebounder about 3 weeks now ... I was totally new to the concept of rebounding and had to do a long research in the internet before nailing it down to the very best of the lot... I was particularly careful as my 6 years and 3 years kids would be using them too. It was so easy to set up, sits perfectly well at the corner of my living room and staying in an apartment I can use it at ease as it is totally soundless. Not to mention about its unlimited benefits the family is enjoying it to the fullest.

I love my new bellicon!
Jaleen Lubker 16.08.2013

I love my new Bellicon & so does the rest of my family. Compared to my old rebounder, which was a JumpSport brand that I got over 5 years ago, this is like a dream! I felt like I was on a big trampoline. My husband says, "It's like the difference between jumping on a pillow & jumping on concrete." Thanks for making such a wonderful product!

I am so in love with my new Bellicon!!
Hillary 28.06.2013

About 2 months ago I decided that it was time for a change. My pants were all too tight, muffin top was flowing over my waist band and I had become addicted to my couch and junk food. I remembered an infomercial I had seen on a 90 day extreme fitness program so I figured I would go for it. I bought it and began the program. It took a lot of motivation and hard work to keep doing it every day. It was HARD! I did start to notice body fat was coming off. What I didn't anticipate was how fast the size of my muscles would grow. My goal was to shrink here and get that skinny, lean look. My thighs were the same size after 30 days. The muscle had replaced the fat and I was definitely bulking up. I had to reevaluate my fitness goals and change what I was doing. After a little research it was not hard to figure out I just needed more cardio and minimal to no resistance training. Oh cardio... how I do not like cardio. Time to get back in to my old cardio routine I guess. Running. Since I am a stay at home mom and I live in Washington I needed something I could do indoors. So began my hunt for a treadmill. I have owned treadmills in the past. I dreaded the thought of the huge machine taking over my living room. The ones that are worth buying at all are at least $800. You can't move them, you can't put them away if you are having guests over and they are reasonably loud. The last one I owned was a nice one but we had to sell it when we moved because it was just too heavy. There had to be a better option than another treadmill.

This is when I started looking into getting a little rebounder. I liked the idea that they are portable, fun, quiet and something my whole family could enjoy. They use no power and are small. The more I researched the more I learned of the benefits of rebounding. How it is far superior and effective than any other kind of exercise. I knew I wanted a rebounder and I knew I wanted the best. After all, I was about to fork out a huge chunk of change for a treadmill so buying a Bellicon was not a problem. I went ahead and ordered it. While I was waiting for it to show up I began to run every day. Each day I went out into the cold and huffed and puffed and fought through sore knees and car exhaust. It was not fun and I knew I would never be able to stick with it long term. I looked forward to my Bellicon arriving every day. My runs were about 20 or less each day. That's all I could handle because I hated it so much. My heart rate monitor would show my calorie burn at about 160 each run. And I really had to push myself hard to keep myself in the zone. It felt so laborious.

Needless to say, I was delighted when my Bellicon showed up. I got up early the next morning, put on my heart rate monitor, turned on my favorite show and began to bounce. It was fun, it felt amazing and I was in my happy place. When my heart rate monitor started to beep I was not surprised. I figured I would need to pick up the pace since I was feeling so good, I must be moving too slow. I was wrong, I was working so hard that I had gone over my zone and was heading to my maximum heart rate! I was getting more of a work out from this fun little bouncy thing with less effort! I kept it up for 40 minutes and was having so much fun i decided to watch another episode and continue bouncing. After an hour and a half it was time to get my kids up and start their day. I had burned over 650 calories and enjoyed every second of it!!! I couldn't wait for their nap time. When I put them down for nap finally, I decided to bounce again and this time, just for fun. Just because I wanted to and because it feels so good. I bounced for another three hours. (my kids sleep a long time) I didn't wear my heart rate monitor or count calories or watch the clock. I just enjoyed my "me" time and destressed on my Bellicon.

It is true, rebounding IS far superior to running, jogging, power walking, aerobics, anything I have ever tried. It's the fun factor that changes everything for me. Not only do I get great results... not only can I tolerate it... I WANT to do it! I love it. I'm so glad I invested in this Bellicon. I use it every day. It has replaced my couch while I watch shows. And I'm so glad I didn't settle for a cheaper brand. I almost bought the Jumpsport because it was so much cheaper. But my Bellicon (I got the 49" model) is much bigger and allows for freedom of movement and way more fun and versatility. I think the larger jumping surface makes for a much more effective and enjoyable experience.

Oh yeah, one more thing, my legs are finally slimming down and my fat loss is really increasing. This was the perfect choice for me and my fitness goals. Get one!!