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Pure Joy!
MJ 15.09.2018
Rebounding is the ONLY exercise I've ever done that 1) I look forward to, 2) smile and laugh while using it and 3) use with consistency - no more boring dreadmill, no more fitness instructors yelling at me, just complete delight -- simply put, bouncing on my brightly colored Bellicon (with alternating confetti bungees) brings me pure joy! I turn up the tunes, get going, and all stress melts ...
Tags: Fun, Relaxation, fun, joy
Best jump!!!
N Greville 15.09.2018
I love this trampoline. I’ve been working out more consistently and the workouts are a joy and efficient. Plus my kids (2.5, 5.5years) use it when they need to burn some energy or bedore school to get their bodies all ready.

Seriously, nice soft bounce (and that is with bungees that are stronger than recommended so I can do quick workout bounces) and it doesn’t make a peep. I am looking ...
I was never one to stay consistent with an exercise regime and have a shelf full of aerobic, zumba, and dance dvds to prove it.
Consistent Bouncer 10.11.2014

I really am thankful for my orange bungee Bellicon!!!

A perfect colour for a mini-trampoline purchased in the fall :-) I discovered a 27 minute workout on the Internet that is just perfect for me and I actually do it at least four times a week because I ENJOY IT!

I was never one to stay consistent with an exercise regime and have a shelf full of aerobic, zumba, and dance dvds to prove it. I always thought that if I could just find the right workout DVD I would stay consistent but never did because I did not enjoy any of them.

I can truthfully say that I do enjoy exercising on the Bellicon because it the impact is soft and not grulling and the jumping aspect is fun! The Bellicon provides just the right tension and perfect spring!! As the winter approaches I am confident that I will stay active and be ready for outdoor hikes again in the spring!

Thank You for making an excellent product.

Tags: exercise, aerobic, joy
Off we go!
Zoe 13.10.2014

That's what the pounds say! I have lost 25 pounds in the past 3 months combining the Bellicon into my daily routine. It's fun, gives me energy, it's simple, and the routines can be changed up daily to keep it interesting. The product is extremely well made, durable and long lasting. Colors are variable, changeable, and fun! I have noticeably stronger legs and core, which is great for all things physical. I highly recommend the Bellicon re-bounder.

Tags: quality, energy, joy
Vastly and unexpectedly superior
Roxanne 26.08.2014

I ordered a bellicon because I loved my cheap spring trampoline from the sporting goods store and wanted something quieter with a higher weight capacity. I wasn't expecting a big difference other than less squeaking, but the two trampolines are worlds apart. Stepping on my bellicon feels like stuffing my face with marshmallows. It fills me with fluffy joy from head to toe. I put it in front of the couch where the ottoman used to be, so I can hop on for five minutes or for an hour and watch squeak-free television while I bounce my cares away.

Tags: joy, bouncing