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EVERYTHING has improved
Bonnie Peterson 30.10.2018
The bellicon is the best piece of exercise equipment ever invented by humankind. I'm a sixty-five year old wife, mother, grandmother, academic professional and newbie in the gym. Since I've been using my bellicon EVERYTHING has improved. Everyone tells me how healthy I look. I've learned to SKIP on a bellicon. Who knew I could do that. My balance, strength and flexibility are better each and ...
This trampoline has completely changed my life
Hayley 27.09.2018
This trampoline has completely changed my life. It’s fun, aerobic and health boosting. Feel fabulous after a bounce. Plenty of videos on YouTube. Have trouble with my knees, but it has strengthened them and not given me a issues with them. Would recommend to everyone ...
Loving it!
Greendancer 16.02.2015

I'm loving the Bellicon rebounder. I use it in the morning to get my circulation going and follow it with yoga stretches. My legs feel much stronger already on the trail, and there is literally more spring in my step. Some days, I jump on it as soon as I come home from work, particularly if I've had to sit at the computer a lot or it's been especially stressful.

For me, it's become a fresh way to enjoy dance! My whole body feels strengthened since I've included it in my routines. Wonderful invigorating, playful exercise - particularly appreciated on those cold, wet days. I'm very impressed with the design and quality of the Bellicon and look forward to using it for many years.

How do you like me now!
Mrs. Doc 09.08.2014

I have had my Bellicon for six months. I am recovering from more than a decade long battle with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. (Not to the mention the fact that I am almost 60 years old). It has taken me a while to build up my stamina. Now I can almost keep up with the beginning workouts that were sent to me by e-mail to get me started.

Not only am I getting to my ideal weight but I am feeling strong and looking quite fit. I love it that I can work out just a few feet from the bed and my husband doesn't hear a things...except at first, the heavy "panting" was an issue!

My doctor was all for me getting some exercise, even though he thought at first the "impact" would be bad for me, so I had to "educate" him on that issue. (Thanks to the information available on your site). We were even able to pay for it through our HSA.

I am looking forward to having my doctor re-check my bone density (probably after using the rebounder for a year) since my doctor was adament that excercise would slow down the loss of bone, but "nothing can be done about replacing it". I tell everyone that asks how I got to be so fit at my age with all the health challenges I have faced. It's the "real deal"!

Highly recommended
Nina Leung 23.03.2014

I started rebounding on $40 trampoline I ordered online - I didn't want to spend a lot in case it was a bad idea. I loved it. It was fun and effective, and I trained on it casually for about two years. It wasn't until I started jumping on it every day that I realized that there was a problem. My lower back started to feel tight, and when I really tried to stretch it I realized that my lower back wasn't merely tight, it was a little numb. Immediately I stopped jumping. Feeling stupid, I started reading up on low and high quality rebounders. I was already a believer and I knew that I wanted to keep rebounding. I tried out a bellicon. It was light, bouncy and definitely not jarring. Yet I really didn't think that I could justify the high price tag for the bellicon, so for a while I was leaning toward the JumpSport. I couldn't find a place to try out the JumpSport, so the only thing I could do was watch a few YouTubers jump on theirs. I could see that the bounce was not as smooth. Thanks to Saskia's great customer service, I went ahead and bought the bellicon because I knew that I would be using it every day for years to come - if I didn't get it now, I would eventually get it anyway.

I bought the 44" regular bellicon in the weight class bungees above mine, screw-on legs. When I tried the 39" with my weight class, it felt way too elastic for me, and a little scary. Coming from my old rebounder, it took a while to get used to the bellicon bounce. It bounced deeper down, and at first that was less fun for me. I realized that if I don't want to go as deep I just have to widen my stance. Maybe I should have went with an even higher weight class bungee. Still, I got used to it, and I am sure that the bellicon has provided a much safer experience for my body. It's easy to consistently jump on it every day because it just feels good. I turn on some music and jump until my legs don't want to anymore, which ranges from 10 - 25 minutes. Once in a while, I'll do a few sprint intervals running in place on it if my body feels bored. The legs are sturdy and I don't have to tighten them every time I jump, which I had to do with my old one. The bungees are strong and will be easy to replace when it's time.

The results? Toned up waist, thighs, arms, calves, and upper back. Mental clarity and energy. Bouncing everyday also makes sure my tummy fat stays at bay. I've noticed though that my hips and thighs have become harder to satisfactorily stretch. I have to use a foam roller if I want to release my muscles and relax because the bellicon really does work them all. Highly recommended.