There is no better relaxation than rhythmically bouncing on the bellicon®

Lothar Ursinius, alternative practitioner
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“The findings described here, solely refer to highly flexible rope ring sprung trampolines. Compared to commercially available metal sprung trampolines, they are clearly more flexible. With one single exercise you can benefit from the positive effects a flexible mini trampoline has on your metabolism:

Cardiovascular training
Those who exercise on the trampoline feel lighter, more exhilarated and fresher right from the start. Whilst bouncing, our pulse frequency is generally around 110 beats a minute, exactly in the middle of the fat burning zone! You will be surprised how you can achieve great results with very little effort.

Development and regeneration of the intervertebral discs
Trampoline bouncing is the best way to effectively “lubricate” the intervertebral discs. Whilst there is no compression strain, but only gentle “swash movements”, the discs are able to fully recharge and gain back the elasticity lost that day.

Lubricating the joints
As there are special sprays for hinges, the synovial fluid is that for our cartilage and joints. This liquid can only be massaged into the cartilage matrix however when the joints are moving. At the same time it holds all the important nutrients for the cartilage. The absorption of this liquid via the cartilage matrix is more effective when this process occurs gently and smoothly. During walking for example, the liquid can penetrate about two millimeters, whilst bouncing on a highly flexible trampoline can cause it to enter up to six millimeters deep!

Boosting digestion
The rhythmic up and down movement on a highly flexible trampoline allows the ring muscles of the intestine to immediately start motion contractions. This ideally supports intestinal functioning. If the only problem was a sluggish bowel, it would quickly be solved.

Training balance
Bouncing on the flexible surface of the trampoline mat improves coordination as it is continuously necessary to adapt, focus, coordinate and balance. The equilibrium organ in the inner ear is thereby trained and the nerve connections to the extremities are sensitized.

Reducing stress
There is no better medium for relaxation than rhythmically bouncing up and down on a trampoline. The rhythm belongs to the harmonic essence of the human organism. The smooth acceleration and gentle deceleration, backed up by your favorite music, is the most assured way to reduce muscular tension and to clear your head. Due to the involuntary tensing and relaxing of the muscles, circulation is improved and thus the oxygen level in the body increased. By concentrating on keeping your balance, all wearing thoughts lose their meaning and are no longer so important.”

Source: page 216 – 219 in “Gesund & Aktiv”, 4th edition 2010, by Lothar Ursinius

Lothar Ursinius, alternative practitioner
Frahmredder 14
22393 Hamburg

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