Expert Testimonials

Not only our clients, but also many experts with the most diverse specialisations are so convinced by the bellicon® that we are permitted to use them as a reference. This makes us proud and might answer one or the other question you have for us.

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Smooth movements on the bellicon® are the key to heal trauma
Dr. Peter A. Levine, PhD in medical biophysics and trauma expert
“The key in healing trauma is not to relive the trauma experienced, but to create new experiences in the body that contradict those feelings of overwhelming helplessness that happened in trauma. So it’s having new experiences really is what it's about. And that's where I became interested in the work with the bellicon® because it's a way to, very gently and in a playful way, begin to bring people back a little bit more and more to their bodies. So I use it as part of a treatment to reconnect people with themselves - in a physical way.“
Effective and motivating therapy for my patients
Marcus Schaub, alternative practitioner and physiotherapist
“Swinging on the highly flexible trampolines made by the bellicon company is an effective and motivating therapy for my patients. I use the high fun factor and the healthy mobilization on the trampoline when there are problems with the spinal column (the rhythmic changes in gravity are especially good for the intervertebral discs), with the joints, obesity, muscular tension, depression and many other illnesses. It’s also great homework for the patients – doing therapeutic exercises on their trampoline. There’s only one disadvantage: those patients who really do exercise regularly on a bellicon® at home, hardly ever come back to my practice. ;-)”