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Rebounding exercises where a mini exercise trampoline or “rebounder” are used begun in the 1970's in the USA.  It was at this time the benefits of having fun bouncing about on a small trampoline were scientifically explored.  In fact NASA were hailing rebounder exercises as “the most effective form of exercise devised by man”. 

When bouncing on a rebounder you are exercising all the cells in your body at the same time.  As you resist gravity when bouncing you are also exerting a gentle amount of force to your whole body. A major hazard faced by people exercising whether running or doing a team sport is skeletal shock. 

It is worth spending a little more in a good quality rebounder

However, the benefits of reducing the amount of skeletal shock placed on the body is pretty much lost if you chose to use a cheap rebounder.  So if you do not want to end up ruining your first experience of this very enjoyable and effective kind of exercise it is worth spending a little more initially and purchase a good quality rebounder.

When it comes to the bounce of the rebounder the strength and profile of the strings along with how much tension and elasticity there is in the rebounder mat contribute to this, along with the how stiff and how well constructed the rebounder frame is. The way in which rebounders are used can vary they may be used to help rehabilitate a person following injury or ailment or to carry out intensive fitness training.  So where the design is one that makes the rebounder more adaptable to an individual’s needs is beneficial. 

The biggest design innovation has been rubber loops being used instead of steel springs to attach the mat to the rebounder frame.  This helps to allow you to make the bounce characteristics more customisable to suit your needs and improves the low impact and comfortable nature of the exercises you do on the rebounder.

German and Swiss engineering

It is in the 21st Century we have seen bellicon AG emerging as a new European force in the manufacturing of rebounders because they introduced rubber spring ones.  The company was founded on more than 20 years of research and experience into this equipment and has the backing of German and Swiss engineering.  The revolutionary rubber spring rebounders from Bellicon provide a fully customisable range that are made using only the best materials and the best craftsmanship.

These top of the range rebounders widen the number of options to you allowing you to tweak and vary their functionality at a price.  Because German and Swiss engineering and craftsmanship are held in such high esteem across the globe you would expect to pay a price and bellicon rebounders continue this tradition of excellence in manufacturing from these two countries.  In fact these countries traditional production values continue to show in the quality and finish of the products that they create.

Top of the range rebounders

If you must have the best rebounder that money can buy then go online and spend time customising a Bellicon rebounder to meet your particular needs.  This extra money you are spending will get you a German made product built to the highest standards but will allow you to have a lot of fun whilst wearing your clothes.

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