A picture of the AGR seal of approval granted to bellicon®


Back-friendly everyday products are important modules in the prevention as well as in the therapy of back problems. It would be a good idea for those affected to make their personal environment more "back-friendly", from their workplace through their personal living environment to their recreational area.

Even for experts it is not always easy to see whether the design of a product is back-friendly or not. Quite frequently, manufacturers even sell completely unsuitable products as back-friendly, and even spread misleading information.

The AGR seal of approval provides reliable decision making support. It stands for strict test criteria, jointly developed by independent medical/therapeutical experts from various fields of study. The members of his body of experts come from two exceedingly competent professional medical associations, the Federal Association of German Back Schools (BdR) e.V. and the Association Forum Healthy Back e.V. – Better living. Only products that have passed a strict test procedure receive the AGR seal of approval.

The AGR seal of approval was awarded the grade "very good" by ÖKOTEST. A further proof of the quality of the cachet, with which only proven ergonomic quality is marked!

Based on the very effective but gentle training, as well as proven positive effects on back muscles, spinal column and discs, the initiative »action for healthier backs« has awarded the bellicon, the bellicon premium and the Medi-Swing the AGR’s seal of approval.

A picture depicting a stamp for made in Germany, high quality trampolines


Our trampolines consist mainly from parts made in Germany. Only certain raw materials (rubber for the rope rings, material for the bouncing mats) are imported. Since the beginning, the final assembly of the trampolines has been handled by our employees in Cologne under strict quality control. With this, the production of our trampolines resides, as far as is possible, in Germany.

Compare the raw material-, workmanship-, and swing quality of bellicon trampolines with bargain offers from other brands and discount stores. We are quite sure, that we will be able to convince you of us and our products.

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