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The physics of fitness

In science, revolutionary ideas often look obvious in hindsight. The same is true for fitness.

At bellicon, we revolutionized rebounding by taking the world’s most effective piece of fitness equipment and pushing it to its natural conclusion.

Our custom-formulated, extremely low-impact bungee suspension system maximizes your workouts, giving you the best muscle-toning, core-strengthening, cardio-pumping workout in the world, all from a single, elegantly simple device. The bellicon is also so gentle on your joints, and so much fun to use, you’ll be looking forward to every workout.

Join the revolution. Experience all that the bellicon can do for you.

A woman of about 50 in a sport outfit jumping on a bellicon® Premium

Great full-body workouts on the bellicon®

A six minute power sculpting workout routine, video play symbol

6min - "Power Sculpting Workout" on the bellicon

A 30 minute advanced  workout routine video clip by Jordan Brown of Sixpax in Chicago, video play symbol

25min - bellicon workout for men by Jordan Brown, Sixpax

A ten minute core workout routine video clip by Fayth Caruso of Sixpax in Chicago, video play symbol

10 min - Runners workout on the bellicon