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Sixpax Group Class Workout on the bellicon
bellicon Training 29.09.2014
Check out Fayth Caruso and her team on this bellicon Cardiolates group class video. They use the bellicon 39" with screw on legs and do this class with up to 10 people. It's really fun and totally invigorating!
Bellicon Workout Challenge Success Story!
bellicon Training 19.08.2014
This past January to April of 2014 Julie embarked on a fitness challenge with bellicon. Her goal, with the help and support of bellicon and Fayth Caruso from Sixpax, was to lose 25 pounds, improve her diet and overall health, and to create a new fun fitness routine that she could stick with long term. There was a special catch: Julie could ONLY use her bellicon to do cardio and hit this goal!