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Arnita Champion's Beginners Bellicon Rebounding
bellicon Training 11.08.2014
The force of gravity, when combined with our unique, ultra-elastic bungees, can help you to become a force of nature. That’s because each bounce on the bellicon takes you from up to 4 g-forces to zero gravity, creating a cycle of flexing and relaxing that strengthens and tones your muscles naturally and efficiently. And because it effects all 638 muscles in your body, you’ll increase your strength and vitality from head to toe, inside and out.
Mini trampolines, the go-to fitness tool for people seeking a joint-friendly cardio bounce
bellicon USA 16.06.2014
Everyone is talking about the joint-friendly bounce that rebounding and mini trampolines can offer your work out. But did you know that rebounding isn't only limited to bouncing? Your rebounder can add a much needed revamp to your push-up, lunge and plank routine!
The bellicon Is Fun
bellicon USA 20.03.2014
Many people are enjoying working out on our bellicon trampolines. The ability to lose weight and have fun simultaneously has lots of fitness buffs clamoring for our trampoline, including the owner of Aubut Family Blog. She tried the bellicon trampoline and enjoyed the fact that it was positively fun, without feeling like a boring workout.
Fitbie About The bellicon
bellicon USA 19.03.2014
"I’ve been using rebounders for years, and the bellicon is absolutely perfect. The tension across the mat is excellent—no rolling ankles if you are barefoot—and it’s SILENT—great for apartment living! The different dimensions are also a plus for people who feel safer bouncing on a wider surface."