bellicon® – Made in Germany

Graphic explosion of bellicon® properties: screw-in legs, solid folding legs, durable UV resistant, woven Permatron® mat, ultra elastic bungees, secure pressure damping rubber caps

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Reasons to believe

Everyone from fitness gurus, doctors, athletes and health institution representatives to award jury members is saying that bellicon® is the world’s best mini trampoline. If that isn’t enough for you, here’s what they’re so excited about: A German engineered rebounder, with all the attention to detail that implies, crafted to the highest environmental standards from top-grade materials and available in 1,500 configuration options.

While all those facts may make your head spin, your heart will sing every time you get on the bellicon®. And that’s the real reason we have such happy customers.

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Experience the quality of the bellicon® rebounder

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German engineering

Germany has long been known for the quality of its engineering, a reputation that is continued today by many of the world’s premium brands, including Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Bosch, Miele, and BMW, to name a few. We at bellicon have done our best to maintain this tradition by creating a new worldwide standard for mini-trampoline quality using intelligent product design, the highest quality materials, and precise workmanship. We take a great deal of satisfaction knowing that, by combining the best in German engineering, years of research and extensive real-world experience, we’ve created a product that can improve people’s lives and serve them for years to come.”

Great Quality Is Like Bouncing, Both Start From The Ground Up

And the bellicon provides it, gently and efficiently

Forget all that you’ve heard about (or experienced with) spring rebounders or low-grade knock-offs of the bellicon, nothing comes close to the performance of the one-and-only bellicon® rebounder. One reason for this is that we only use the finest materials and components available. Both of our frame styles (the Classic and the Premium) begin with high-grade, high-gauge steel (and a level of precision welding that only engineers, professional mechanics and techno-geeks can truly appreciate.) This gives the bellicon® an extremely strong, rigid, durable yet relatively lightweight frame that easily and securely accommodates users weighing up to 440 lbs.

Our polypropylene mats have been specially designed for comfort and durability and to enhance the elasticity of our bungees (both of which use non-allergenic materials). They can be used indoors or out, and are resistant to weather conditions including the destructive effects of UV rays. Our patented, super-sturdy mat hooks, which hold the bungees to mat, are made of non-toxic, reinforced polyamide to prevent the bungee sheaths from fraying.

Detailed close-up: Bungee rings, fastening hooks, screw-in legs, folding legs

Environmentally safe materials

Oeko-Tex Seal of Quality

Logo: Confidence in textiles tested for harmful substances, Oeko-Tex® standard 100

We are dedicated to using the best environmentally safe materials. We’ve paid particular attention to the textiles we use due to the fact that so many on the market are produced with questionable materials. Our textiles have been tested and approved by an independent institute according to the international Oeko-Tex Standard. The Oeko-Tex network of independent institutes has stood for environmental friendliness, safety and social responsibility in textile production since 1992. They continue to work toward improvements in textile manufacturing as well as helping consumers make informed decisions regarding a wide range of textile products. We are proud to be included among the companies awarded the Oeko-Tex Seal of Quality.

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