Addicted to it for Life

Christina 01.02.2018

Well, I've been using my bellicon for 1 week now and had to write you a review!!! I LOVE IT!!! Oh my, it is so much fun! As soon as I get up in the morning, I get my coffee brewing and head over to start bouncing....such a great way to wake up my mind and body! Later on in the day I find a workout on the website to do. I really like the way the workouts are organized. It is awesome to be able to put a filter on so that I can quickly find one that fits the time frame I have and the intensity I am looking for. By the way, I think I have worked out with you a couple times (o: I'm assuming that is you anyway! After only one week I am feeling changes in my body. Definitely more firmness through my core and legs. It is assisting with my posture as well. I can feel my mind clear as I bounce as well and I love that bonus! I am also working on my balance and look forward to the effectiveness of that on the bellicon especially long term with the aging process! My husband is 58 and has never bounced on a trampoline of any kind all his life!!! I'm so happy because he was willing to try it and has been using it every morning when he wakes up! He says he likes it and I'm hoping he will become addicted to it for life! Now I just have to convince my 3 teenagers who think this is for grandma's to use! I told them they will see the proof when I am 80 and they don't have to help me get around cuz I'll be in such good shape after rebounding all these years!!! I've read them facts about the effectiveness of rebounding from your website as well as others. All the evidence is so profound and you simply cannot deny the effectiveness, especially after doing it, even for only one week!!! I am so thankful for all the benefits rebounding provides but at the top of my list, is how it helps your lymphatic system to get rid of toxins. This may be the most important thing for us in this age especially with all the cancer people are experiencing.

So as you can see, I am completely happy with my bellicon!!! Yes, people are shocked when they hear how much I paid, but you get what you pay for. The quality of the bellicon is awesome! And to me, this is an investment in preventing health problems! It will be interesting to see how long the bungees last with two people using it daily. I'm going to try to remember to rotate them once a month.

I'm really glad I decided to call and talk to a human before making the purchase! Paige, you are such a nice human!:blush: Thank you for being so genuinely friendly and helpful during our conversation! You made it easy for me to make the decision to purchase a bellicon. Thank you for your excellent customer service! Please pass my email along to your manager because I would like him/her to know this about you!

Have a great day! The sun is shining here in Wisconsin!

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