Best indoor rebounder on the market

Saphire Cynthia 17.06.2014

I have the 44" Bellicon with Strong Bungees. I got it to use in the Winter when I am unable to use my outdoor trampoline. It is the best alternative available that I can fit in my house. I found that rebounding outside gave me a feeling of wellness like none other and when I felt ill I would get on my outdoor trampoline and I would feel better so I knew I was onto something. When the outdoor trampoline had to be put away for the Winter I had started feeling like I was going through some kind of withdrawl from not rebounding so I researched online and found Bellicon and read positive review after review and knew that I had to get one for my health. I got on my Bellicon right when it arrived after I put on the legs and started jumping. It was a very nice bounce similar to the outdoor trampoline although not quite as bouncy as the outdoor style it definitely made me feel well. I recommend everyone should have one.

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