Consistent Bouncer

Consistent Bouncer 10.11.2014

I really am thankful for my orange bungee Bellicon!!!

A perfect colour for a mini-trampoline purchased in the fall :-) I discovered a 27 minute workout on the Internet that is just perfect for me and I actually do it at least four times a week because I ENJOY IT!

I was never one to stay consistent with an exercise regime and have a shelf full of aerobic, zumba, and dance dvds to prove it. I always thought that if I could just find the right workout DVD I would stay consistent but never did because I did not enjoy any of them.

I can truthfully say that I do enjoy exercising on the Bellicon because it the impact is soft and not grulling and the jumping aspect is fun! The Bellicon provides just the right tension and perfect spring!! As the winter approaches I am confident that I will stay active and be ready for outdoor hikes again in the spring!

Thank You for making an excellent product.

Tags: exercise, aerobic, joy
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