Diagnosed with Osteoporosis

Anonymous 07.02.2018

After being diagnosed with Osteoporosis last year and learning that rebounding was recommended I bought an inexpensive model and used it for ten minutes a day.  I kept reading about the Bellicon and fantasized about an upgrade.  Even though the price was a bit daunting I reminded myself that I have never regretted buying a good piece of sports equipment.  Since Bellicon had a great 30-day return policy I decided to take the plunge.  From the first moments on the Bellicon I realised that until that point I’d been jumping on a hard pizza tray. I have not looked back!

I originally bought the 44" which was too large for me; I returned it for a 39" (medium bungees).  As I’m 64" tall and 103 pounds it’s just perfect.  My house has low ceilings so I got the shorter 8" screw-on legs which are available (same price, just ask).  I actually feel more secure being a little closer to the ground, too.  The smaller 39" size fits perfectly in my little Fiat—I’m looking forward to taking the Bellicon out in nature in the nice weather.

I basically do two routines; in the morning I do ten minutes of a health bounce combined with jumping jacks, twists and sort of dancing in place.  In the evening before bed I do a 15 to 20-minute quiet bounce.  It’s actually a great way to help reach my daily total of 10,000 steps and the gentle bouncing gets me into a very relaxed Zen pre-sleep state. Sometimes I just get on it and bounce for no reason at all—it’s that tempting! Really, I could bounce forever!  And, unlike most of my sports equipment (treadmill, stationary bicycle, Roman chair) which I’ve hidden behind closed doors in a homegrown gym/storage room I have the Bellicon out on display—it’s a beautiful object in its own right!  If I want it out of the way it easily slides under the bed or is rolled into a closet.  

Great engineering, great design, great construction.  Bellicon also gets bonus points for having very thoughtful and intelligent packaging.

PayPal credit made this a very easy purchase—six months to pay without interest—in fact, I’m considering buying another one. :wink:

Thank you, Bellicon!!

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