Julieann Whitehouse 11.06.2020
Hello all you boncers out there. I just wanted to take the time in writing this message. I was in desperate need of another Bellicon as my other one was elsewhere but I needed it really fast. I contacted Bellicon direct and spoke to a lovely man named Ian who stated they would do their very best to sort me out. I ordered my new Rainbow one on Monday and I would like to say it arrived this morning, and within 10mins I was bouncing again. If that is not excellant service I don't know what it. I have had 2 Bellicons off them now and I must say they are a fantastic and efficient company and thier rebounders are the best on the market. Okay they are expensive but I can say they are worth every penny spent.
I have rebounded for the past 8yrs or so on/off and always turn back to it when I'm experiencing niggles. I am at the moment suffering with Sciatica and I also have Osteoarthritis of the knees so really needed to bounce again. I went on for 25mins and I was astonished in how much flexibility I have lost over these months of not rebounding, so the message to myself is to never stop, carry on with it. It does really work every muscle and it helps with sleep,stress and all the othe health benefits. and not forgetting FUN!!!! So to all you rebounders out there keeping bouncing and keep smiling. And finally to Bellicon Thank you so so much for being so fab!!!!!
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