Great product!

Jolene 19.03.2015

Just received my brand new bellicon rebounder and I've been jumping on it all evening. I have loved using mini trampolines for years, but I went through them fast. Broken springs, tearing loops.. I didn't mind the noise of the springs too much. Trying out the bellicon I'm noticing how much more spring it has than the ones I was used to. It's so so nice and smooth. Exactly what I was hoping for.. It's a great workout and I can feel all of my muscles working hard, but the beauty is that I can adjust the intensity very low until I feel a bit energized again. And it definitely beats sitting on the couch watching videos. Now I can actively watch the shows I love and getting a workout at the same time. And... oh yes: the super quiet bungees are making my workout completely silent. Love it Love it Love it!!!!! I will use this thing until I'm old and grey. Well worth the investment and so much more portable than a treadmill or an elliptical. Much more fun too because you constantly use your creativity in alternating jump patterns. As a fitness instructor I would absolutely endorse this product for everyone!

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