It helped my Lymphedema

Juneping 19.02.2015

 I developed a very mild Lymphedema (LE) in my two finger. And per the LE specialist, it's very hard to treat because there're so many nodes to pass through for the fingers to slim back to normal size. I have a busy work schedule and twice a week PT at 8am was just too much for me. And I read about rebounding helps Lymphatic system moving so I gave it a try. After about may be 4-6 weeks, my finger visually were back to normal. I've been rebounding four months (only)....I think I could still feel my fingers were a little swollen when I hold my fist or may be it's psychological...I can't really tell.

I read NY Times Well blog which said rebounding wasn't proven to move the Lymphatic system but we all know if ppl who NEED to move the Lympathic system to be able to survive..this is the only option out there that targets this issue. God knows how long for does it take for some lab to do some research on how effective it is.

I highly recommend it.

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