A fun workout that you'll stick with!

Lisa 24.03.2014

I've been rebounding for over a decade, and through the years this has been the one activity that I consistently do even if I'm feeling lazy, tired, the weather isn't cooperative with running, etc. You can always find an excuse to skip a workout, but with rebounding you don't want to skip it because it's fun!

I lost nearly 90 pounds through a combination of better eating, daily rebounding, and 2-3 times a week running on the treadmill. When I travel I always notice the effects of skipping my rebounding workout specifically (lack of tone in core/abs/backside) - even though I use the other hotel gym equipment instead.

Now that I've stressed the benefits of rebounding in general, I'd like to point out some major advantages of the bellicon over the NUMEROUS other rebounder models I've tried through the years.

First of all, there's the wonderful lack of metal springs. The noise aspect wasn't my major issue with springs. Over the years I've had tons of springs pop off my rebounders and fly into the air randomly, often hitting glass windows and other objects due to the speed and intensity when the metal parts break. I tried keeping them lubricated and removing worn ones when I noticed them, but ultimately I accepted this annoying occurrence as part of the price of rebounding.

Unfortunately, a few weeks before I ordered my bellicon I had a spring pop on my old rebounder, and shards of metal hit me directly in the back of my leg, leaving a tiny but scary puncture wound. Based on the reviews I've seen online, this is NOT a common occurrence with spring based rebounders, but I just couldn't shake the worry. What if that had been my eye? I was ready to evaluate a more expensive option that was safer and less troublesome than monthly spring replacements. bellicon bungees to the rescue!

Also, the Premium frame on my bellicon is the largest offered, yet it is light and extremely stable. You can clearly see the quality when you're bouncing to an Insanity video and the legs don't begin to wobble. All of the parts seem to be of the highest quality. My only concern at this point is slight fraying of the bungees. Maybe this is just cosmetic and won't affect the longevity? Either way, I will do a better job of adjusting the bungees at least weekly to prevent wear concentrated in just one area of each bungee, and we'll see how they hold up.

I am the type of person who is so budget conscious that I often order water instead of tea at restaurants to save a few bucks. For me to spend over $1,000 for the Premium bellicon is a true testament to its superiority over other rebounders. I had read that it was the Porche of rebounders, but I am not easily impressed and ordered it with some skepticism. It would have to wow me! I'm pleased to report that it really has done so. If you can spare the expense, you'll be very happy with your bellicon.

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