Never again a different rebounder!

Elke Rüdenauer

"I love my bellicon®! For 8 years now I’ve been using a rebounder daily, except when on holiday or seriously ill. During this time I’ve used 4 different kinds: The first one was a cheap one, and very quickly I and my back came to the conclusion that I needed a proper trampoline with a brand name.

As I wanted to get the best physical and mental effect possible from training on the trampoline for short periods of time, I spent a bit more money on a metal sprung trampoline, only to conclude that my back didn’t feel very comfortable with this either.

I didn’t give up though and bought a more gentle, metal sprung trampoline with the same brand name and carried on with my daily exercises.

At some point I heard about the rope ring suspended trampolines from bellicon® and asked them to send us one. I got on to the bellicon® and felt as if I was on “cloud nine”. To me it was clear; never again will I use another kind of rebounder to get the cells in my body moving. Where I live one would say: »it is the Mercedes amongst trampolines«. I couldn’t have anticipated this, until the bellicon® was standing in my living room.

Both my 13 and 16 year old sons also couldn’t deny the fun factor of the bellicon and continue to use it often. I recently had a quick go on my old metal sprung trampoline and thought: “no, it’s really no good anymore!” Once a bellicon – forever a bellicon®!

And this is how I now enjoy my daily 15-20 minutes on my bellicon, independent of the weather, with good music and with every cell in my body happy!"

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