No more asthma attacks thanks to bellicon® exercise

S. Schwarze 20.02.2015

"I started having allergic asthma when I was a child. Over the course of the years, I eventually grew out of it, but it remained my weak spot. Stress, spring-time pollen or colds would set off a period of asthma, but with appropriate medicines, it was manageable. After giving birth to our third child, my asthma came back and I could not shake it off. I could not run around with our kids, walking up steps was a challenge.
When I saw my M.D., he told me that he could prescribe all kinds of medicine for my asthma, but the most important thing to do to get rid of it in a sustainable way was to exercise regularly. He told me to start slowly, but keep at it. This is when I started using the bellicon® rebounder. It was easy since I did not have to leave the house.
At the beginning, I could just walk on it slowly, without getting out of breath, but within a few weeks, I increased my pace. I got on the minitrampoline every day, just for 15 minutes, soon my breathing got better, I regained my strength, my backaches were gone and I had a lot of energy.

It has been more than 5 years since I have had any bad incident of asthma. Today I can play tag with my kids easily – although catching them still is a challenge!"

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