Surpasses all other Mini Trampolines

Delia 10.03.2020
I have had fantastic communication and assistance before placing my order with Bellicon. The Bellicon was shipped with DHL and I could see the full tracking . On receipt of the Bellicon trampoline, I just needed to screw the legs on and put the bumpers on the feet. I jumped on the Bellicon straight away and it felt truly amazing. This is the 4th trampoline that I have owned. The first two were spring trampolines and springs on both of these trampolines broke and I could not get replacement springs. I then invested in a bungee trampoline which broke within a week so this time I wanted to invest in a quality bungee trampoline for which I could get replacement parts as and when required. I have done thorough research and decided that the Bellicon build quality was the best. The trampoline is just fantastic and you can watch the DVD for exercising, or make up your own routine. A very well made quality item. It has been a pleasurable shopping experience. Highly recommended.
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