My Second bellicon Rebounder!

Tee 28.05.2015

This is my second bellicon rebounder. The first one was a discontinued model that I purchased in 2010. Loved it tremendously. I let my sister borrow it recently. Since she convinced me that she is and will continue using it, I went ahead and let her keep it. After exploring the updated rebounder market, I purchased the more expensive bellicon yet again. And I am glad I did!

What I love - the same great quality, ability to customize, folding legs, the fun factor from both its looks and incredible bounce. Now, this thing seems very pricey - but when you consider the cost of gym equipment in general, in pieces, in sets, or as a large equipment purchase, and the fact that this piece of equipment can get a lot of the same results as these other options (muscle and bone strengthening, lymphatic system support, cardiovascular benefits, balance and coordination, customizable workouts, etc..) and its low impact to joints, the price is not out of line at all.

This (and a new juicer) is the absolute best purchase I have made in 2015 and try to convince others to do the same. You will not regret the purchase.

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