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EVERYTHING has improved
Bonnie Peterson 30.10.2018
The bellicon is the best piece of exercise equipment ever invented by humankind. I'm a sixty-five year old wife, mother, grandmother, academic professional and newbie in the gym. Since I've been using my bellicon EVERYTHING has improved. Everyone tells me how healthy I look. I've learned to SKIP on a bellicon. Who knew I could do that. My balance, strength and flexibility are better each and ...
The best, safest and most effective
Gerry Reid 15.09.2018
I'm 83 years young and have studied and been a"rebounder " for over thirty years. My first rebounder had a lifetime guarantee and I gave it to my granddaughter a few years ago, after buying my first Bellicon trampoline..
I am convinced from all I've read that it is the best, safest and most effective form of exercise for all ages.
My routine is to bounce @ 20-30 minutes a day, with 4 # ...
Awesome also for overweight users
Diane 15.09.2018
My Bellicon rebounder is AWESOME! I am 58 years old and was looking for something to help me exercise that would be easy for me to adjust too, since I was not a regular exerciser. I wanted something easy on the joints, and to help my balance as well. I had also read that rebounding helps the lymphatic system. I sit all day in my job, and was noticing my feet swelling up by the end of the day. ...
Perfect training whilst pregnant
Shireen Armstrong 26.04.2015

"I love the bellicon®. I used to run every day for an hour, and then I got pregant! I couldn't run whilst pregnant, and have only just started to go back to some form of exercise. I needed something that I could do indoors, everyday, regardless of the weather. The bellicon® is perfect for this.

I put on all my old music and rebound away! I do about ½ hour and although I don't get the same levels of exertion as I used to from running, it is much gentler on my body, and I do feel as though I am getting a good workout. It is fantastic for my abdominal core muscles. I am having a great time with the bellicon®, and can't wait for my son to get good at it - I regard it as a beneficial workout for him, as it really helps his development of balance.

Thank you so much for all the trouble you went to in order to get this rebounder to me - you really did go the extra mile for me, and I am truly grateful to you for helping me out. You were so honest, which is such a refreshing change. You gave me great advice and answered all my queries so comprehensively, - and patiently!

Thank you very very much."

Replaces a complete fitness studio
Rolf Gramlich

"It is my opinion that the bellicon® replaces a complete fitness studio (I have therefore cancelled my membership). For me it is the perfect all over body device. I use it for targeted “weight bearing” exercises, but also to train my cross-country and down-hill condition, simultaneously training my balance. As I’m an enthusiastic biker, I can confirm that I’ve also noticed an improved sense of balance when riding. I do my running training on the device as well. It feels like running in deep snow and is the ideal way to train the muscles in your upper leg and backside. Therefore I’m very enthusiastic.

The bellicon® can really not be compared to other, supermarket trampolines that I have tried (excluding the garden variety). I’ve already told all my friends and acquaintances how satisfied I am and they all want to purchase one after trying it out."

Stabilizing after a bladder operation
M. Aniol-Plös 09.07.2015

"After a bladder operation, my rehab therapists and I looked for a suitable exercise device that would stabilize and strengthen the muscles of my pelvic floor. In the 62 years of my life, I had never been without sport. This device really surprised me.
It didn’t just give me more stabilization after the operation, it also had other advantages: better concentration due to increased oxygen intake, improved balance and generally feeling better.
I use the bellicon® daily. My recommendation: this super rebounder belongs in every household!" 

Danielle 19.02.2016

It has now been a year since I received my Bellicon. First when I received it I was not very happy because the expense was way much than what I had expected because of the money exchange and because of the cost of shipping and of customs. Once I got over that - I started bouncing - but couldn't do more than 3 minutes at a time - I was desparate - I had no balance and my leg muscles were deeply hurting even after 3 minutes a day. Ho boy what did I get myself into...

But it wasn't long that I could go from 3 to 5 minutes and then to 15 minutes. Balance came back. Now I am dancing everyday on my trampoline. I put the music on and have a great time. My objective is to do 20 to 30 minutes everyday - but that rarely happens - most of the time I am way over that 30 minutes and having a great time!!!

So even if the beginnings are hard - keep doing it and in no time you will be able to fully enjoy your Bellicon!

The quality of the Bellicon is wonderful - it was expensive but worth every single $$$.

Helping with my balance, energy, fitness and overall health
Debra 19.01.2016

I'm nearly 65 and have been dealing with a Vestibular (balance) disorder 24/7 for 19 years. bellicon is truly helping with my balance, energy, fitness and overall health. I am able to use this rebounder daily, despite arthritis, Morton's Neuroma on my left foot and a torn meniscus in my right knee! It is low impact and fun! Did I mention I'm a very firm size 4? I only wish I had known about it 20 years ago! Thank you, bellicon!

Positive Experience
Joe B. 30.12.2015

All aspects of getting the rebounder were positive. There was a "qlitch" getting the shorter legs to arrive with the unit, but Bellicon-USA resolved completely.

I've had the rebounder for just over a month. I'm currently jumping 10 minutes 3-4 times a day. I've noticed I'm responding to the increase in proprioception during rebounding. My balance is better. The flexibility in my feet has increased greatly. This is translating into my posture and my gait. Time spent on the rebounder seems to increase overall energy. I'm pleased I made the purchase.

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I love my bellicon. I have lost weight and I am more fit.
Mal 29.08.2015

Purchasing my bellicon has been the best thing I have done for myself. I have done 3 important things.
1. Improved my balance
2. Lost some weight
3. My body is in better shape

I'm so happy with the quality of my bellicon and I always look forward to getting on it. Thanks for a great product.