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I LOVE my Bellicon as Well
Laurie Hail 21.08.2015

I have found the Bellicon an EXCELLENT, far superior and beneficial than the many "mini-tramps" I've used in the past. I've alWays believed in the science behind and benefits of rebounding, after doing a great deal of research on it, Many years ago. The best exercise ever and doing it on a Bellicon is SO enjoyable and fun, along With all the benefits. I've had many friends, and even strangers I've struck up conversations With about rebounding, come over to see and actually try jumping on the Bellicon, so they can see hoW different they are than the normal, discount store "mini-tramps". They've ALL come aWay convinced and very impressed. It has helped me stay healthy and Well exercised, Whether in several short 5-10 minute sessions/day or a longer, full routine. My grandkids love it as Well. It not only helps them release their endless energy in a fun Way, but gives them all the other Wonderful benefits of rebounding Without their even knowing it!! Again, LOVE my Bellicon. For those of you With any Pre or actual Diabetic problems - the Bellicon can help you loWer your Blood Sugar #'s as Well. 30-60 seconds running in place on the Bellicon, as fast as you can, 1-2 minute rest x 3 brings my #'s doWn substantially Within minutes, and even more in the next 30 - 60 minutes, Whenever my #'s get off kilter.

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I am doing a safe and low impact routine
Bev 07.01.2013

Comment: Well I came home before dinner and my blood sugar was 149 and I was wondering exactly what influance light rebounding would have on my I light bounced with some arm movement while whatching a tv show for 20 minutes at the end of the 20 minutes my blood sugar had only dropped 10 points and that was very disheartning ..... But I rechecked my blood sugar at the hour mark and it had actually by then dropped a full 31 points. I was thrilled!!! I have a commitment to rebound 3 x 20 minutes sessions a day and 20 jumps and hour through out the help my insumin sensitivity ... I am thrilled with my hot pink Bellicon :) Thank you