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Excellent piece of equipment!
Gini 25.08.2014

This Bellicon was purchased mainly for our granddaughter (who has autism) who visits us and loves to jump. Her first comment was "Wow, this is good!" She also likes that it is quiet. I also have been using it, getting use to it. I realize how poor my balance is and have been very pleased to see an improvement in just a few weeks. Still can't keep up with Fayth but I am working on it!

great DVD with tons of workout routines
Philipp 04.04.2014

Fayth Caruso really is a great trainer. It's easy to follow her routines. I can specifically tell because we have the joy of having her classes at the Chicago bellicon office every Thursday around noon. Everyone, from customer service rep to warehouse guy is attending that class. Watching the dvd is almost the same experience. You'll love it!