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Love it
Cynthia 30.07.2018
I love the bellicon feels so good on my knees and hips. And the bounds is so much better then the cheap one I had. I love it ty ...
My new bellicon!
Jeanie 08.05.2015

I just received my new 49 inch bellicon and all I have to say is "I Love it". I am 52 years young and have been rebounding off and on using a cheap store brand rebounder for several years. It was hard for me to stick with the rebound exercising even though I loved the idea, felt like it was the best way to exercise and get the best results. I would just hurt to much in my knees and hips. I knew I needed a better rebounder, and so I did my homework for about a year now, watching videos, reading reviews etc. I finally decided on the bellicon because from the videos, I loved the quietness, I loved the bounce it had, I loved that you pick by your personal weight, color, size. I love that it comes in a size wide enough to do most any exercise you can think of. I love that it has fold in legs and can store easily under a bed or closet if needed. However, I keep mine out so I can just jump on it anytime I want. I am in love!!! I totally recommend the bellicon Rebounder!!!

Tags: hip, knee, bounce
Love My Bellicon
Debra B. 30.03.2015

I purchased my bellicon rebounder in hopes of rebuilding my body after grueling rounds of chemotherapy. I can honestly say that I am very pleased.

It has been such a wonderful way to ease back into physical activities without injuring my knee and hip joints the way I used to in the gym. What a life saver! I can't say enough about the ease of movement that I experience when doing the low impact exercises and stretches. I look forward to advancing to the more strenuous exercises as time goes on.

Thank you for offering such a quality product that benefits so many.

Beyond Great
Amy Louise 18.06.2014

I am 48 years young and work hard to stay active, but my knees and hips have started to rebel with traditional workouts, especially if they involve plyometrics. My Bellicon has been amazing, and perhaps the best part about it is how I have seen my agility and balance increase over the few months I've had it. One legged moves and kicks that were difficult at first, now they are no problem. Also, the 49" mat allows for a lot of forward/back and lateral movements comfortably. No worries about not having enough space. I invested in the Bellicon because I could see how it was a piece of equipment that I can use well into my later me, this is the test of a truly good piece of equipment. In it, I've found quality and a new way to stay healthy for years. Thanks Bellicon!

Tags: active, knee, hip, workout
Already seeing results
Aggie 09.11.2012

I have only had my Bellicon for a week and a half and I'm already feeling the benefits. During that time I have bounced for about 20 minutes a day in two- or five-minute increments. To my amazement, the near-debilitating pain I've been experiencing for the past month in my back and left hip has disappeared. I have also had some issues with irregular menstrual cycles. Before I got the Bellicon I hadn't had a period in at least a few months. After bouncing on the Bellicon for about nine days, my period came. Coincidence? Possibly. But I plan to keep bouncing to find out what other benefits I will see. I believe the Bellicon is a great tool to improve my overall health and well being.