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Diagnosed with Osteoporosis
Anonymous 07.02.2018
Great engineering, great design, great construction. Bellicon also gets bonus points for having very thoughtful and intelligent packaging.
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Best Exercise Ever!
Osteo BLAST 29.05.2016

The day I found out I had osteoporosis at age 50, I ordered my bellicon. Having been consistent about exercise for the past 25 years, mostly low impact cardio and a lot of weight lifting, believe it or not, I have been shocked at the degree of muscle growth in my lower body in such a short period of time. At only 5 ft, I ordered the 49" which gives me plenty of room to do all of my "moves". I agree with others, it is addictive!

love it!
Jarmila 10.01.2015

I was thinking about getting bellicon for very long time - its price made me to hesitate. But now I was diagnosed with osteoporosis so no more hesitation. I love my bellicon, use it several times per day, telling all my friends how great it is.

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I look forward to one great bone density test this coming summer
Sandy G. 24.03.2014

I am 67 years old and have been a proponent of physical fitness and eating properly for the last 42 years. When my husband and I bought an RV one year ago and decided to live in it full time, well this put me in a think tank. Emmm, my treadmill is in storage, my several acres of land to walk on and do physical labor is sold and I'm sitting more now, as well as, just being told I had osteoporosis. Our RV is 38' long and with the slid out approximately 10 1/2' wide. This area is filled up with furniture and walking space so what kind of exercise equipment could possibly fit in my space? I can't just get out and walk several times a week as we travel all over the United States and not every area is safe, convenient or has weather permitting. I needed something that was a sure thing.

This moment in time was crucial to me, what was I going to do? I went online and spent many weeks researching for an answer. This is when I found small trampolines and started researching to see if this would work for me, space permitting, to promote health and to build my bones.

I finally decided that the bellicon trampoline was the best choice out of all the choices on line. I felt their high quality would promote better health results, bungees for quiet movement in my small space and extra strong bungees for my weight to promote better work out for my bones. They said jumping on the trampoline exercises all the muscles and cells in my body and that has to be good. Michelle at bellicon was always available for me with questions before and after my purchase. I had friends and family tell me, no way, you can't use a trampoline in an RV. I kept measuring my space around, as well as, my head space for jumping and I swallowed hard and said I'm going to do it, I'm taking the chance and I ordered the bellicon.

I have to store it behind our recliner when not in use but that is minor compared to the choice of not having it to use whenever I want. I love my bellicon and I look forward to one great bone density test this coming summer.

Sincerely, Sandy G

Backyard bouncing joy with tips to spare!
Senior Bouncer 27.07.2011

I'm a 62 year old lady with lots of health issues like scoliosis, osteoporosis, celiac disease and more! I've had a lot of upper body limitations recently so I've been spending a lot of time bouncing on my Bellicon. It gives me such joy! It has also improved my balance and helped with bone density issues-big concerns with my health history. I've been happily bouncing in my back yard and lost a rubber tip since it had rained so much. I emailed the contact address and presto-I now have not one but 6 new rubber tips! I carefully researched many rebounders before settling on the Bellicon. I was hesitant because of the price but am so grateful that I went for the gold. I look forward to decades of happy bouncing-esp with all my new tips. Thanks Bellicon!