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Great home accessory
Conniechirules 30.06.2016

This is a great investment. It feels good on my bare feet, makes me happy with it's complete silence when I bounce and looks fine in the middle of the TV room where I can hop on when the whim strikes me. My loyal treadmill machine in the other room requires power, the donning of shoes, and I can't carry it outside like I can my beautiful rebounder!!!

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Kari 05.03.2016

I have not had it long at all but my back problems have come a long way already ! I was told I needed to exercise my core but I was limited in what I could do because of pain. Rebounding is truly working for me. Its low impact and this bellicon is not jarring like other cheaper rebounders. Yes its an investment but ive spent way more on other things that just made me feel worse!! Its a very smoothe bounce and just plain fun. I highly recommend it. Keep bouncing !!

Love it.
Kelly 27.05.2015

Was apprehensive about spending the money, but now that I did I have no regrets. Except for wasting my money on a cheap one prior to buying the Bellicon.

If anyone is on the fence check out Rebounding fitbit fb page. Lots of great advice. Bellicon has great costumer service as well.

Ray 26.05.2015

I've been rebounding for over 17 years. This is the best rebounder by a long shot!

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Great Product!
Sjysjy 15.05.2015

Quiet and fun... Expensive but worth it.. Gave it to myself for a birthday present... Years ago had a small spring rebounder and was not impressed, It was cheap and too hard but this rebounding is in a class if it's own and now I love rebounding.. Know my body loves it too.. Happy bouncing everyone!!!

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It helped my Lymphedema
Juneping 19.02.2015

 I developed a very mild Lymphedema (LE) in my two finger. And per the LE specialist, it's very hard to treat because there're so many nodes to pass through for the fingers to slim back to normal size. I have a busy work schedule and twice a week PT at 8am was just too much for me. And I read about rebounding helps Lymphatic system moving so I gave it a try. After about may be 4-6 weeks, my finger visually were back to normal. I've been rebounding four months (only)....I think I could still feel my fingers were a little swollen when I hold my fist or may be it's psychological...I can't really tell.

I read NY Times Well blog which said rebounding wasn't proven to move the Lymphatic system but we all know if ppl who NEED to move the Lympathic system to be able to survive..this is the only option out there that targets this issue. God knows how long for does it take for some lab to do some research on how effective it is.

I highly recommend it.

Lisa 15.01.2015

Having broken my ankle in 2012 and then developing severe knee arthritis in 2013, I was looking for anything that would allow me to get some movement. Walking wasn't working because it just made my knee hurt more. I did my research and learned about rebounding. I originally purchased a Walmart brand of trampoline. Once I realized that I really did like rebounding, and that it did not seem to inflame my knee, I did some research and found that there was no better trampoline that bellicon, Everything I read said this was the one to buy. It took my several days to accept the fact that this was not a $28 trampoline and I finally took the leap of faith that it would be worth the cost and I ordered it. I have never looked back. My bellicon came quickly and from the very first minute, I could see that there was no comparison with the Walmart version. I could actually jump and get a workout on the Bellicon, something I was never able to achieve on the Walmart version. The bounce was easier, just walking in place was easier and I now knew that my joints were really safe! Now, my only "problem" with the bellicon is not being able to keep my family off of it. My son LOVES it. My husband LOVES it. Now I have to fight for my time to jump, This was truly the BEST purchase I ever made and if anyone is questioning the price, all you need to do is jump on the bellicon and you will know instantly that it's worth every penny!

integrating styles and music
Ki 23.11.2014

The Bellicon staff offers a solid foundation of guidelines and foundational moves...I have progressed, in about two months, from just one minute a day up to two sessions of 15 minutes. I was cautious because of lower back pain, but I have moved beyond that .

I am now integrating David Hall's workouts with some Bellicon exercises...and find The Credence Clearwater music on Pandora keeps me moving! Being creative with different styles, exploring how different cultures are using rebounding through youtube, and using the rebounder as my weight bench...I've never had so much fun!

What a surprise to discover that my 65 year old female body is so responsive to the rebounding experience. I'm pleased the Bellicon is quiet and so portable. ...never perceived myself as the testimonial type, but this product has definitely expanded my health-horizons!

I have been rebounding for over 20 years
Mary A. Robinson 11.08.2014

I have been rebounding for over 20 years I have purchased two other brands of rebounders, only to have the springs break. I had heard of bellicon before but I did not want to invest the money in a bellicon . I thought the bellicon was to costly, But bellicon recently had a sale going so I decided to make the investment. I am so delighted with the Bellicon, it's unbelievable it feels good , it's quiet and best of all the quality is well worth the investment. My only regret is I wish I could purchase another one, I would like one at work also. I Love It! bellicon is by far the best.

Truthfully, I am delighted!
Mary Scheffler 24.03.2014

When the search began, I wasn't even sure what I was looking for, but bellicon became the answer to even more than I'd imagined!

I am 57 years old and am blessed to be in good health. As a nanny however, I do quite a bit of lifting and was no longer enjoying my elliptical machine for aerobics because my arms did not need anymore of a workout. They just wanted a break! I do a lot of walking and am quite flexible from stretching, but then I noticed that sitting and bouncing on my exercise ball to let my arms and shoulders just bounce felt really, really good. So the thought came about maybe getting one of those mini trampolines to bounce on. I had no idea there would be so much to learn!

I joyfully started my journey online and literally discovered a whole new World of Rebounding! I was amazed at the myriad of health did I not know about this sooner?

I read every article I found, watched many videos, did some online chats, made phone calls, looked at all the competition and realized that, if I was going to make this investment into my health, I didn't want to go half way. Even though the bellicon was more expensive than any other rebounder, I knew there was really no comparison and I that I would regret it if I chose less just because of price. I had to make some sacrifices elsewhere for a short time but I am so happy to say that I made the right decision by choosing the bellicon! There is no downside. No regrets. No such thing as wishing I had bought a different one.

Truthfully, I am delighted! I absolutely enjoy every bounce on my bellicon! I can hardly walk by it without hopping on even for a minute. It always feels good and makes me smile! And it isn't only that it's fun, which it totally is, but it is seriously beneficial to helping maintain or regain good health. And I am totally serious about having fun staying healthy! As for the benefits I have experienced in my first months, my upper body is much more relaxed, my muscles and even my bones feel stronger. My whole body says thank you every time I am on it. It is always a pleasure to work out and I am never sore or tired, actually quite the opposite. I feel both relaxed and energized.

I hope this will help some who are not sure, to be convinced that you will be glad you chose bellicon! And by the way...they are contagious...just let someone try yours!