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Andreas Sperber, chief physiotherapist
Picture of chief physiotherapist Andreas Sperber

“For several years, we have been working with the highly flexible bellicon® trampolines in the Schwarzwaldklinik Bad Rippoldsau. Not only in group therapy (using 13 trebounders in a circle), but also in individual therapy do we train very effectively with these new devices.

The participants love the flexibility and dynamism, the feeling they get when rebounding, the dynamic changes between bouncing upwards and landing, and the many possibilities for exercise. The feet do not leave the rebounding mat though when training, but stay securely in contact with it.

Together with music, to the rhythm of the beat, this form of “movement” therapy is a very easy way to exercise for all those who either dislike it, or don’t do sport at all. When we therapists then also explain the advantages and effectiveness, the patients are quickly convinced. This is clearly the basis for exercise that is to be effective, and that can also be continued at home.

The positive feedback from trampoline bouncing on the bellicon®, the feeling of joy when lifting off and accelerating is the consequence of exercise experiences we gathered as children. Although this probably occurred a long time ago, we latch on to it again now. This provokes a smile on our face, something we therapists always enjoy seeing as well.

Preventative exercise with the bellicon® trampoline
The bellicon® is equipped with highly flexible individual rope rings and therefore offer a notably soft and gentle training method. As the trampoline is also available with support handles, older people in particular are able to use this device without danger.
This form of exercise will bring you health benefits very quickly. Due to the repeated acceleration and brake movement, the muscles are permanently tensed and relaxed. These pressure and pull impulses accelerate our metabolism and ensure that the structure of our tissues is better maintained.

Cardiovascular system
Although training on the trampoline doesn’t seem very strenuous, it is still a very good cardiovascular workout. We calculate the impact (pressure) by using the Borg chart from one to ten. After five minutes, the participants are asked to determine the intensity of the impact they are experiencing. Regular testing prevents overstraining and the total workout lasts no longer than 30 minutes.

Muscle building
Trampoline training is a very effective way to build muscles. Due to the changing acceleration forces, all muscles are reactively innervated. The increased gravitation force when braking causes the eccentric muscle activity to be intensified. The pelvic floor muscles also profit from these reactively changing pressures. Posture is improved by the vertical pressure against gravitation.

Joints and intervertebral discs
Articular cartilage and intervertebral discs are only nourished by pressure and tractive forces. Without sufficient exercise, cartilage matrix loses its substance. A workout on the highly flexible trampoline is therefore so beneficial because the gentle suspension ensures that the pressure on the joints remains minimal, whilst the tension around the muscle sheath gives the joints good stability.
On the one hand, the segment stabilizing muscles work synergistically with the transverse abdominals to ensure a stable body, whilst on the other hand, due to the exertion and relaxation, these muscles are supplied with oxygen so they don’t lose their ability to relax.
Even after spinal disc operations do we use the bellicon® in individual therapy. Gentle swinging whilst keeping an eye on the torso is less of a strain than walking. This way it’s easy to control and to increase the ability to endure pressure.

Immune system
The pumping action of the muscles accelerates the lymphatic system which is jointly responsible for our immune system.

Weight control
Exercising really activates our metabolism. It also improves peristalsis and thus shortens digestion time. In addition, it should be mentioned that fat is only burned with moderate exercise. Gentle exercise on the bellicon® encourages this. “Power training” only burns the easy available carbohydrates and doesn’t help at all with losing weight.

Balance and equilibrium
The unstable trampoline mat ensures that balance has to be continuously controlled. This coordination training is very important, especially in preventing falls. The capacity of the muscles to react increases and ensures that for instance in icy conditions the body is able to adequately use its reflexes.

Regeneration and stress reduction
A reduction in stress hormones occurs in the first place through exercise and breathing. Regular, slow, tensing and relaxing of the muscles functions like a massage from the inside: breathing slows down, becomes even and deeper. Through better circulation, the ability to regenerate is accelerated. It’s like the “cool down” of a football player after a match. The ability to concentrate is clearly improved after exercise.

Lust for life and increased self worth
Light depression can be treated by physical activity and without medicine. Important is the length of the exercise taken and stamina. With this illness, the effect only becomes apparent after several weeks. The best remedy is light endurance training over a longer period. We recommend bouncing to music. During their daily exercise, patients should listen to their favorite music, be it rock, pop, jazz or classical. A little exercise at a time can give the feeling: “I can do it”! These successes are very important for the next step. This brings about a positive feeling for life and more self-esteem.”

Andreas Sperber, physiotherapist
Bahnhofstr. 5
72270 Baiersbronn

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