Future orientated health training

Christoph Niedermeyer, graduate sports teacher
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“After 20 years experience as a sports therapist, trampoline bouncing forms an inherent part of every one of my events. There is no other exercise device that connects all elements of effective training as uniquely as the bellicon® trampoline does, not only in preventative treatment, but also in the rehabilitation of children and adults.

The bellicon® is one of the most versatile exercise devices, with which I can accomplish endurance, strength and especially coordination as a basis for future orientated health training. Everybody who’s tried it out also knows that it’s fun as well.

Regardless whether it’s for a grandchild, for the advancement of all-round psycho-motility learning, managing spinal disc problems, coping with stress or for the eighty year old patient who has had a hip or knee replacement, the trampoline is always used in a personalized, individually adjusted way for the health benefit of my clients and patients. Only five to ten minutes a day on this domestic fitness centre are enough to minimize long-term health costs and to increase our quality of life with more fun.”

Christoph Niedermeyer, graduate sports teacher
Oenekinger Weg 120
58509 Lüdenscheid

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