By Dr. Maarten Klatte, doctor of nutritional medicine

"The bellicon® has a very positive effect on back problems because it offers the so-called "low-impact method". Because when we are on the bellicon®, every step and every movement is softly cushioned. This is because of the trampoline's enormous elasticity. Thanks to the bungees and the elastic mat, each movement becomes a gentle one – it becomes more or less "round". If you exercised the same way on a hard surface, on the floor or outside in the streets, your joints and intervertebral discs etc. would take a blow every time. On the bellicon®, you avoid this.

In addition, an interesting fact is that the bellicon® can be used for back pain at any level. This also includes people with acute pain. You can still start training on the bellicon® because with this method you can gradually increase the intensity of your exercises.

This leads to better blood circulation. The waste materials that are situated in the muscles and intervertebral discs are transported away more easily. When slowing down, pressure is built up, so the intervertebral discs are first pressed empty, after which they can fully soak up nutrients again when you bounce up, i.e., continuous regeneration.

The worst thing anyone with back pain can do is sit on the sofa because it definitely doesn't get any better by doing that. Exercising is very important, but it also has to be done in the right way.

Jumping on a trampoline can stop osteoporosis

The effect the bellicon® has on osteoporosis is an extremely positive one. One way to prevent osteoporosis is to put more strain on your bones. For good bone structure and for activating the bone cells – osteocytes and osteoclasts –, strain needs to be put on the bones. But what kind of strain is required? You should definitely not overburden your bones, and the elasticity of this trampoline makes sure that overburdening does not take place.

If you look at astronauts floating in space, their bones are not strained by weightlessness. Therefore, they soon suffer from bone decalcification, i.e., osteoporosis. The bones have to be under constant strain; this is absolutely essential. This works perfectly with the bellicon® method.

I see bone decalcification with patients who are using the bellicon® stopping. A process in which steady bone loss has been observed over the years comes to a stop. Some patients even experience an increase in bone density again. This is extraordinary because it works without having to take medication.

Combating obesity with trampoline training

The bellicon® is also particularly useful for people who are overweight. It strikes me again and again that the people, especially those who are extremely overweight, who come to my practice, don't feel like going to a gym.

There are several reasons for this: first, they are not happy with their body. Second, people who are overweight have difficulty in moving about and doing certain exercises. The nice thing about the bellicon® is that you don't have to start jumping and doing other difficult exercises straight away; you can just start by standing on the device and doing light running exercises.

Someone who is overweight, usually quickly puts too much strain on their ankles, knees and hips. This overburdening does not take place on the bellicon® because all movements are gently cushioned. It's like having shock absorbers in your muscles and joints that slowly absorb all the shocks.

Another positive effect of the bellicon® is that almost all muscles are activated. In fact, all the muscles in the body may be reached, so that the entire cell metabolism is activated, and you burn more calories. This is not the most important thing, because it is not so much about "counting calories", but it is a part of the whole thing.

The bellicon® puts you in a good mood

It is very interesting to observe: in the courses and seminars that we organise, you can watch the whole room full of people jumping on the bellicon®, and you only see happy faces. How can that be? In this grey, small country, where we are not only subject to the force of gravity but also bad weather, it is not at all easy to lift our spirits.

However, if you move against the force of gravity on the bellicon® and then bounce up again, very special substances are released. These are called neuropeptides and affect our mood. Not towards "depression", no; on the contrary, they make you very happy.

A lot of research has been done on this, showing that exercise is a good cure for depression. But especially trampolining because it makes people happy immediately. It is a very effective way of improving people's mood quickly.

It's wonderful if, after a while, it allows people to even "throw away their antidepressants in the bin" because of their positive mood swing. That's wonderful! These kinds of drugs are sometimes necessary, but unfortunately, they always have side effects. So the less you need them, the better.

Tackling health problems in a natural way should always be the first choice in my opinion."

Translated transcription of the video interview above.

Dr Maarten Klatte, doctor of nutritional medicine
Anna Paulownastraat 37
NL-2518 BB The Hague


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