Expert Testimonials

Not only our clients, but also many experts with the most diverse specialisations are so convinced by the bellicon® that we are permitted to use them as a reference. This makes us proud and might answer one or the other question you have for us.

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Effective prevention with fun
Andreas Sperber, chief physiotherapist
“For several years, we have been working with the highly flexible bellicon® trampolines in the Schwarzwaldklinik Bad Rippoldsau. Together with music, to the rhythm of the beat, this form of «movement» therapy is a very easy way to exercise for all those who either dislike it, or don’t do sport at all. When we explain the advantages and effectiveness, the patients are quickly convinced. This is clearly the basis for exercise that is to be effective, and that can also be continued at home. A little exercise at a time can give the feeling: «I can do it»! These successes are very important for the next step. This brings about a positive feeling for life and more self-esteem.”
Future orientated health training
Christoph Niedermeyer, graduate sports teacher
“The bellicon® is one of the most versatile exercise devices, with which I can accomplish endurance, strength and especially coordination as a basis for future orientated health training. Everybody who’s tried it out also knows that it’s fun as well. There is no other exercise device that connects all elements of effective training as uniquely as the bellicon® trampoline does, not only in preventative treatment, but also in the rehabilitation of children and adults. Only five to ten minutes a day on this domestic fitness centre are enough to minimize long-term health costs and to increase our quality of life with more fun.”