Guarantee details

When you purchase bellicon products, you acquire qualitatively incomparable, premium goods. Therefore it is no problem for us to provide the trampolines with warranties that clearly exceed the legally prescribed guarantee period.

a bellicon® Premium mini trampoline, black orange mat and silver bungees

Guarantee period

The warranty period for individual trampoline parts is as follows:

close-up of the bellicon® Premium stainless steel frame

                           5 years on stainless steel frames (bellicon® premium)

close-up of the bellicon® Premium stainless steel frame

                                3 years on lacquered steel frames (bellicon® Classic & bellicon® GO)

five bellicon® rebound mats in a variety of colours

                                  3 years on rebounding mats and rubber pads

five bellicon® bungee rings in a variety of colours

                                2 years warranty on bungees, excluding wear and tear (wear, "flaking", etc.)

Rope ring wear and tear

The rope rings are parts that are subject to natural wear and tear, and there is no regulatory requirement to offer a guarantee on them. Despite this, we guarantee you – contrary to our competitors – a minimum usage period on the rope suspension. The wear and tear of the rope rings is not a defect, but can be compared to for instance the soles of jogging shoes wearing out. The more often and longer you walk, the sooner you will have to replace your shoes.
We are often asked how long the ropes will last. Unfortunately this can’t be answered easily as the wear and tear depends on many different factors. Depending on how heavy the users are, how intensive they bounce, jump or train for, sooner or later the ropes will wear out and lose their resilience. Many users who exercise regularly, quite easily manage two years or longer with one set of rope rings, whilst others wear them out quicker.

bellicon® silver bungee rings in various rebound strengths
customer service employees talking to customers

Guarantee claims

The guarantee for customers starts on the purchase date, so please keep your invoice as it proves your date of purchase.
We produce and assemble our trampolines to the highest quality standards. Despite this, we can’t completely rule out mistakes. If you do actually detect damage to your bellicon trampoline within the guarantee period, please contact us immediately. We will resolve the problem as fast and efficiently as possible.
In case of damage, please do not send us the goods without consulting us first in order to avoid unnecessary transport costs.

Warranty on the bungees

bellicon guarantees a warranty of 2 years on the bungees, although they are wear parts. The wear of the bungees (wear out, "flaking", etc.) is excluded from the statutory warranty. Please contact us at , if you have the impression your bungee rings are wearing out disproportionately fast.

In case you have your bellicon® equipped with mixed bungee strengths, we unfortunately cannot grant this warranty, as the bungees are deemed much stronger and therefore wear out more quickly.

You can read more information on the warrantys here.

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