About Us

Founded in 2003 as a subsidiary of bellicon AG, bellicon Germany GmbH (based in Cologne) set itself as target to »move« people.

Our employees don’t just do a job. With a lot of background information, high motivation and a keen sense of the individual needs of our clients, they take each of your wishes seriously and gladly inform you about our products. We always strive to help you as fast and competently as we can.

Our Wish Is to Help You

We are not content to just simply sell you our products. Our aim is to help you as well as we can, so that you get the maximum benefit from the many positive effects exercising on the trampoline provides.

The bellicon® Team Looks Forward to Seeing You!

Photo of Jean-Pierre Ulrich

Jean-Pierre Ulrich

Chief Executive Officer

Foto of Heiko Schmauck

Heiko Schmauck

Head of Purchase

Foto of Yvonne Lenz

Yvonne Lenz

Head of Customer Support

Foto of Natalia Sinner

Natalia Sinner 

Customs and Accounting

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Foto of Nadine Abel
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