Delivery Areas (Countries) and Means of Payment

Last amended: February 2020

1. The Seller will execute deliveries, subject to the provisions of section 2 below - to Buyers in the following countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. The shipping charges for deliveries to these countries are listed below.

2. If a Customer is interested in delivery to a country that is not listed in sub-section (1) above, s/he should request an offer from the Seller over the telephone, via telefax or email. After receipt of the enquiry, the Seller will make an offer to the customer by email, telefax or letter. A contract is concluded only, when the Customer accepts this offer.

3. The Seller makes delivery to the Customers at the request of the Customer against payment by PayPal.

Shipping Costs

In the table below, you will find the shipping costs for the delivery, broken down by weights. For each trampoline or pair of grips/handles, you can – depending on size and model – assume a weight of about 12 kg to 15 kg.

Shipping weight of your order: DVDs up to 10kg up to 20kg up to 40kg more than 40kg
Delivery to EST, LT, LV EUR 0.- EUR 15.- EUR 30.- EUR 50.- ask for rate

N.B.: For despatches to islands an island surcharge may be charged. We will be pleased to enquire about shipping costs for such deliveries on a case-by-case basis.