Which accessories are right for me?

In true bellicon style, your personalised mini trampoline can be made even more uniquely yours with a host of accessories. Make your bellicon® work for you with a handy carrier bag for when you’re on the hop, support bars and frame cushions for added safety as well as instructions on DVD or in book form. There are also resistance cables that you can incorporate into your bellicon® workouts or use on their own.

Abbildung einer bellicon® Komfortmatte


The comfort mat has been extended with an innovative design that can be used as an additional training space, e.g. for exercises while lying down. The softly padded edge of the mat makes training on the bellicon® more comfortable than ever. With the same frame diameter, the mini trampoline now offers a 30 percent larger training surface and thus creates extended exercise possibilities.

The production Made in Germany ensures the usual bellicon quality. There is also no change in the number of bungees. Make yourself (not too) comfortable: Even if the comfort mat sounds like pure relaxation, it convinces with a larger jumping space and offers a larger selection of exercises.

Support bars

If you’re nervous about finding and keeping your feet on a bellicon®, steady does it with our sturdy support bars. They help to improve balance and are especially useful for older people and those just starting out with rebounding. Available singly or in pairs, the support bars come in sizes to match the trampoline diameters.

Intend ordering support bars with your bellicon®? Then it’s best to go for the screw-in rather than the folding legs. Since the bars are fixed to the legs, they would have to be removed each time before the legs could be folded. While this is, of course, possible, the time-saving benefits of folding over screw-in legs are almost completely lost.

A picture of a bellicon® mini trampoline with two support hand bars mounted
Ein Kind springt auf einem bellicon® mit einem Randpolster.

Frame cushions

Having kids means taking extra care. Our frame cushions help you put safety first. They’re made with extra-thick foam so if anyone takes a tumble while bouncing, they’ll get right back up without a scratch on them. Cushions are available for all trampoline diameters and installing them is – you said it – child’s play.

NB: The ties that hold the cushions in place are designed to break under a certain amount of strain so that if someone’s foot gets caught, it won’t remain trapped and cause more serious injury.

Carrier bags

With our handy carrier bag, your bellicon® need no longer be housebound and can go wherever you go. Ever bounced out in nature? You have to try it – it’s literally a breath of fresh air for your workout regime.

You’re well on your way to stylish travel thanks to six strong inside pockets for storing screw-in legs and a zip. What’s more, the shoulder strap and carry handle make light work of toting your trampoline.

NB: Since the biggest bellicon® with a diameter of 125 centimetres can’t be carried under your arm and doesn’t fit into most estate or other cars, we don’t supply a carry bag to accommodate this size mini trampoline.

A picture of the bellicon® travel bag available in black and two sizes
A picture of three dvd workouts available in our shop


Our exercise DVDs offer fresh inspiration and techniques for getting the most out of your bellicon®. Simply put the DVD into a player or computer and get bouncing – you’ll experience whole new ways of working out on a bellicon® under expert guidance.

Our shop offers DVD exercise programmes for both beginners (introductory videos) as well as advanced users. You’ll find more details about the various programmes on the information pages related to each article.

Jump up to a new level of fitness. Order your bellicon® today!