A giant leap in rebounder technology

Only bellicon offers you the ideal bounce. That’s because our custom-formulated bungees are designed to perfectly balance resistance with elasticity, giving you the most effective, most enjoyable performance of any exercise trampoline. Our bungees come in a variety of resistance levels to fit every body weight and training objective. Use the chart below to find the bungee strength that’s right for you.

The metal springs or knock-off bungees that other companies offer don’t come close to offering the bounce of the bellicon. Only bellicon has five different bungee strengths to guarantee you get the best possible bounce cycle…one that’s smooth, energizing and gets you fit from head to toe. That’s because our bungees are made with our own synthetic latex recipe, making them much more elastic than standard bungees. And since our bungees are easy to change, you can adjust your resistance level as your weight and workout style evolves.


Prefer the elegant look of silver bungees? Or does orange put you in a jumping mood? We have eight vibrant colors for you to choose from, and all of them come in any of our five resistance strengths. So your bellicon will be customized to suit your style as well as your fitness goals.

Pictures of the bellicon bungee colours orange, neon green, pink, blue, black, silver and beige


With this table you can easily determine your ideal bungee strength in a few moments


This table will help you quickly determine your ideal bungee strength.
First you choose the type of workouts you plan to do:

  • The “Health Bounce” is our “optimum strength,” offering you the most gentle, deepest bounce to maximize your benefits and minimize stress
  • Choose the “Intensive Exercise” column if you prefer a faster-paced workout, comparable to jogging.
  • If you like challenging, high-intensity workouts or enjoy pushing your physical limits, choose the “Power Training” column.

Now reference the column on the left and select your weight to find the correct bungee strength for you. If you aren’t sure which workout intensity you will be doing, choose the “Health Bounce” column, which provides the deepest, smoothest bounce and offers the most benefits with the least impact.

DON’T WORRY: If, after receiving your bellicon, you think that you’d prefer a softer or stronger bungee strength, we’ll be glad to exchange them.

More information about choosing bungee strengths and the different workout intensities can be found further down on this page.


“I weigh 59kg and my husband weighs 85kg. Which bungee strength shall we choose?”

We get this question a lot. If you find yourself in this situation, we have several recommendations, each depending on the weight differences of the intended users:

  • If the chart shows all of the intended users can all use the same bungee strength…that’s fantastic! No adjustment necessary!
  • If the difference is one bungee strength category, choose a bungee strength that accommodates the heaviest person: the lighter people can still get great benefits from a bungee strength that is stronger than usual, but you don’t want anyone touching the floor while they bounce. (Example: medium + strong = strong)
  • If the difference is two strength categories, choosing the strength in the middle is the best compromise. But be sure that the heaviest person doesn’t jump so high that they touch the floor. (Example: soft + extra strong = strong)
  • If the difference is three or more strength categories, we don’t recommend sharing the bellicon. There would be no way to offer each person an optimal workout experience.
Mutter und Tocher auf dem bellicon

Which training is right for me?

Basically, the softer you choose the bungee strength, the deeper you dive down into the jumping mat and the longer the deceleration phase is. Thus, there is less stress for joints and back and a stronger eccentric muscle training effect (comparable to walking downhill). With stronger bungees the declaration phase is shorter and you jump more upwardly from the mat. The maximum pressure on the joints increases and you train the cardiovascular system more (comparable to walking uphill). All of our workouts are basically executed with all bungee strengths. By the strength you set your personal training focus.

«Health Bouncing»

“Health Bouncing” is the prime discipline of bellicon®. In this health-oriented type of training, you experience the best and greatest swing amplitude. Primarily you swing without your feet losing contact to the mat. This gentle stress takes over the entire muscular system and improves the metabolic activity. The balance between the resulting positive health effects and physical stress is optimal here.

If you prefer this type of training, please select the appropriate bungee strength from the column «Health Bounce» of the table above. 

«Intensive training»

Stronger bungees create a faster swinging. Jogging may not be the first form of exercise which comes to mind in connection with a trampoline. Nevertheless, it is highly effective and – as opposed to running on solid ground (or worse yet on hard asphalt) - gentle on the joints.  An outdoor runner must get used to it, as it is a slightly different form of jogging, closer to running on a beach.

If this is the type of training that you would like to perform on your bellicon®, please select the bungee strength of the column «Intensive training».

«Power Training»

At the fitness-orientated Power Training you experience the highest swing amplitude and dive even less into the mat. Therefore the swings are faster and shorter. So you can have a very intense aerobics and fitness training on the bellicon® that pushes your cardiovascular system to the limits. Therefore, only very physically healthy people should consider carrying out such a training.

If you want a challenging jump training, please select the matching bungees from the column «Power training»  of the table above. 

Further indications for the bungee strengths selection

Apart from your individual preferences in training, based on certain symptoms or syndromes another bungee strength can be more advantageous for you, as dictated by the type of training above. Read in the following which column of the bungee table we recommend to achieve optimum health effects for recreationalneeds, less solid bone structure or foot deformities. In case of a combination of the problems described below, you can stick to the rules above, for determining the bungee strength for several people.

When is «Health Bouncing» right for me?


Back and joint problems

This type of training is particularly suitable in cases of back, discs, knees or other joints complaints. We recommend the Health Bouncing even with osteoarthritis or lymphedema in the legs and other disorders requiring a particularly gentle training.

Depending on the level of your complaints we would recommend even softer bungees (a category below the recommended “optimum strength” for your weight) and only slight swinging on the bellicon® to reduce the maximum pressure on the joints again.

If you suffer from increased joint problems or chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis or arthritis, you should always check with your doctor what type of exercise is best for you.

When is the «INTENSE Training» right for me?


Osteopenia / osteoporosis

Due to its proven outstanding effect on building and maintaining bone density, trampoline swinging is considered the best practice for osteopenia or osteoporosis. Gravity is the key to strong bones. When bouncing, your body experiences two to three times the normal g-force, which encourages the bones to absorb calcium.

Bungees of all strengths are suitable for osteopenia or osteoporosis sufferers. But if re-mineralization is the focus of your training, consider going for bungees one or two categories stiffer than required by your body weight. The added resistance increases the weight-bearing force on the bones, encouraging them to rebuild, while still cushioning the impact on your joints.


Difficulties with balance

People who have problems with balance might feel unsafe on a very soft bellicon®. A slightly stronger strength helps them with the coordination and increases stability. If you feel unsteady on your feet, please select for the entry in the training the bungees from the column «Intensive training».

With strong uncertainty please in addition purchase our handholds which we show on the page “Which accessories are right for me?”. If you exercise regularly on the bellicon®, your balance will improve and you can possibly train without handholds and change to softer bungees.

When is the column «POWER Training» right for me?


Picture explaining foot dysfunctions

Foot dysfunctions (skew foot)

Our feet are a brilliant construction: many muscles and ligaments provide dynamism and stability at the same time. This is the basis for a healthy posture. Unfortunately we go barefoot too little, resulting in muscle atrophy and buckled joints. The most common type of foot deformity is the skew foot (pronation), usually in combination with a flatfoot. This can be recognized by the inner ankle which continues slipping inward and downward.

The trampoline training - especially barefoot - strengthens the foot and ankle muscles. The deformations occurring when sinking into the mat activate reactive muscle-ligament apparatus and thus increase the resilience and stability of the foot.

If you have an urgent skew foot, you should decide for the bungee strength which is matching to your weight from the column «Power training» to minimize buckling during training and wear sports shoes during training to distribute the pressure on the shoe sole to the entire foot. If the skew foot has regressed due to regular training, you can switch to softer bungees.

Warranty on the bungees

bellicon guarantees a warranty of 2 years on the bungees, although they are wear parts. The wear of the bungees (wear out, "flaking", etc.) is excluded from the statutory warranty. Please contact us at info@bellicon.com , if you have the impression your bungee rings are wearing out disproportionately fast.

In case you have your bellicon® equipped with mixed bungee strengths, we unfortunately cannot grant this warranty, as the bungees are deemed much stronger and therefore wear out more quickly.

You can read more information on the warrantys here.

Care instructions

bellicon® bungees are also subject to particularly high wear forces by their great elasticity. A material that is constantly stretched in training to up to 250% of the original length must be able to withstand a lot of friction. For this purpose our bungees are well prepared, as only the highest quality materials are used both inside and outside. Nevertheless, it is - for example in the soles of your shoes or car tyres – inevitable that the bungees wear out eventually.

So you always have an evenly balanced and dynamic swing on your bellicon®, we recommend private users to exchange all the rope rings after about 18 to 24 months, depending on usage, but at the latest when the following signs of wear appear: the braid of the bungees is worn through or you swing down to the floor.

As the friction of the bungees is always highest at the support points of the frame and mat hooks, you can increase the durability of the bungees noticeable by slightly turning the ropes continuously every few weeks, so that other points come into contact with the contact points.

Do not leave your bellicon® too long time in the sun or in the rain. Both accelerate the ageing of the bungees unnecessarily. At temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius, the elasticity of the bungees decreases significantly and the wear increases.

To clean, wipe the bungees only with a damp cloth without the addition of detergents or chemicals. During your training, depending on the training intensity, signs of abrasion may occur on the frame. Such signs of abrasion should be removed periodically with a soft sponge and soapy water if necessary from the frame, so that the wear does not increase.

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