1 support handle, universal, black

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The very solid support handles will assist you if you are unsure on the bellicon® mini trampoline. The semi-circular design offers optimal help for the safe mounting and dismounting of the trampoline – it is also helpful during physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises. The support handles are available individually or as a pair and fit all diameters and models of the bellicon® Classic Family.

The support handles are a sensible choice if you feel insecure when training on the trampoline. They give especially older people and beginners in the initial phase stability support and additional assistance during balance training.

Both getting on and off the trampoline and bouncing itself are made easier thanks to the side support handle. This allows you to get going at your own pace to improve your metabolism, bone density, balance and especially your surefootedness in everyday life.

The support handles are available individually or as a pair and can be used for all diameters of the bellicon® Classic Family. The height setting can be individually determined and adjusted along the mini trampoline leg if required. Measured from the ground, the support handle can be adjusted to a height between 113-131 cm. This makes 78 to 96 cm when standing on the mini trampoline. 

Please note that we do not recommend using the support handles in combination with trampolines with folding legs, as the support handles are attached to the legs and have to be dismantled each time they are folded. Although this is possible, it will cost you the time advantage that folding legs otherwise have over screw-in legs.

The handles are screwed to two legs of the mini trampoline with clamping plates - no additional tools are required. Assembly instructions are included.

Material: Steel, powder-coated, black

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