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We have enhanced our Comfort Mat with padding in an innovative design. It now offers 30 percent more training area compared to our Classic Mat with the same frame diameter, thus providing you with more options for performing exercises. Available in the following sizes: 100cm, 112 cm and 125 cm and in eights different colours.

The soft padded edge on the mat makes training on our Comfort Mat more comfortable than ever before. Our Comfort Mat provides more room for training, which you can use, for instance, for performing exercises while lying down. Production that takes place "Made in Germany" guarantees our bellicon quality.

The number of rings does not change either. Don't make yourself (too) comfortable: even when our new Comfort Mat sounds like pure relaxation, it wins you over with its larger bounce area and by doing so offers enough space for a larger selection of exercises.

Our Comfort Mat is made of the UV-resistant special fabric Permatron® (high-quality woven polypropylene) – making it extremely robust while guaranteeing an on-the-spot elastic bounce. The decorative band not only gives the mat a pleasant design, but also helps you see where the edge of the mat is when bouncing.

To clean your mat, we recommend using a soft sponge and water with a little soap or detergent. For physiological reasons, we recommend training either barefoot or wearing bellicon stopper socks whenever possible.

If you need to replace your trampoline mat, make sure you select the size that matches the diameter of your trampoline. Our Comfort Mat is available in the following sizes: 100 cm, 112 cm and 125 cm. Our trampoline mats come with a 3-year warranty.