Shadowboxer fitness set

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The innovative, highly versatile Shadowboxer-Set is the perfect workout device for when you're at home and on the go. It provides support in burning fat, improves endurance and can be used as part of an effective muscle building workout. Its isokinetic resistance means the Shadowboxer-Set is easy on the joints, which makes it ideal for rehabilitation exercises.

Shadowboxer fitness set

This space-saving workout set is suitable for any level of fitness thanks to its isokinetic resistance. The belt is simply buckled around the upper body. From there, two flexible straps lead to the ergonomic handles. The belt serves to provide resistance and works as a counterweight to arm movements, while also gently strengthening the back muscles at the same time.

1 Shadowboxer belt
1 belt extension
1 pair of ergonomic handles
1 pair of Power Tubes Light (2 - 5 kg)

The belt is suitable for waist circumferences from 68 to 110cm.

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Quantity 1 Piece