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Find a wide range of original replacement parts and accessories for your bellicon®

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  1. Bungees

    Depending on the diameter of your bellicon® mini trampoline, a set of bungees contains:
    30 bungees (bellicon® ⌀ 100 cm),
    36 bungees (bellicon® ⌀ 112 cm) or
    42 bungees (bellicon® ⌀ 125 cm).

    You can adjust your bellicon® at any time to the maximum weight of the user and the intensity of their exercise regime. First select the correct bungee strength and colour, and the correct size and then enter the number of bungee sets you want to order.

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  2. Comfort mats

    We have enhanced our Comfort Mat with padding in an innovative design. It now offers 30 percent more training area compared to our Classic Mat with the same frame diameter, thus providing you with more options for performing exercises. Available in the following sizes: 100cm, 112 cm and 125 cm and in eights different colours.

    From CHF188.00
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  3. Rubbercaps

    The rubber caps on your bellicon® trampoline guarantee a secure, non-slip grip. Available in light (Premium) or dark grey (Classic), our rubber caps are included in the price when you buy a bellicon® mini trampoline, but can also be purchased separately or as a set if required.

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  4. Standard mats

    In the interests of producing a safe and optimally elastic non-slip surface, our mats are manufactured without compromise from high-quality polypropylene fabric (Permatron™). Available in the following sizes: 100 cm, 112 cm and 125 cm

    From CHF119.00
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