bellicon® Plus
Ø 112 cm

The bellicon® Plus opens up completely new dimensions in extremely versatile training sessions. Thanks to the quick release bracket, the adjustable T-bar can be quickly attached to the frame and is compatible with other accessories. Available in a 112 cm or 125 cm diameter and with screw-on or folding legs. Equipped with a quick release bracket, the T-bar is individually height adjustable between 123 and 147 cm.

Which is the right size for me? i
Which leg style is better for me? i
Which bungee color should I choose? i
up to 3 different colors per set
Which bungee strength is right for me? i
Which mat color should I choose? i
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Which model is right for me? i

Each bellicon® includes a comprehensive starter pack*:

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*The starter pack shown here applies to bellicon® Classic, bellicon® Premium and bellicon® Plus.

Size matters – in trampoline mats, too

To make sure your dream trampoline fits nicely into the space you have available, we offer three different sizes to choose from.

In general, the rule is: “The bigger, the better”. A larger swing mat allows more freedom of movement and thus provides a wider choice of exercises. Taller people or people who need more space for their training program or who feel slightly restricted, also benefit from a larger frame. If there is not much space available or you want to take your bellicon® outside with you, we recommend a smaller frame. But no matter which bellicon® you choose, you can always be sure: all sizes meet the same high bellicon® quality standard.

To get a sense of how the different sizes would fit you and your home space, simply mark out the frame size on the floor. That way, you’re sure of getting the bellicon® that’s best for you.

bellicon® with 100cm diameter

Frame diameter 100cm / 39"
The smallest version is really compact with 67 cm jumping surface (white arrows). It fits in the smallest apartment and can accompany you anywhere.

bellicon® with 112cm diameter

Frame diameter 112cm / 44"
The medium size of 79 cm jumping surface is our most popular format. It features a bigger jumping mat allowing for more freedom of movement.

bellicon® with 125cm diameter

Frame diameter 125cm / 49"
The largest model provides a 92 cm jumping surface, almost twice as much area as the bellicon® 100 cm. It brings the really big trampoline feeling!


With this table you can easily determine your ideal bungee strength in a few moments

This table will help you quickly determine your ideal bungee strength.
First you choose the type of workouts you plan to do:

  • The “Health Bounce” is our “optimum strength,” offering you the most gentle, deepest bounce to maximize your benefits and minimize stress
  • Choose the “Intensive Exercise” column if you prefer a faster-paced workout, comparable to jogging.
  • If you like challenging, high-intensity workouts or enjoy pushing your physical limits, choose the “Power Training” column.

Now reference the column on the left and select your weight to find the correct bungee strength for you. If you aren’t sure which workout intensity you will be doing, choose the “Health Bounce” column, which provides the deepest, smoothest bounce and offers the most benefits with the least impact.

DON’T WORRY: If, after receiving your bellicon, you think that you’d prefer a softer or stronger bungee strength, we’ll be glad to exchange them.

More information about choosing bungee strengths and the different workout intensities can be found further down on this page.

Screw-in legs or foldable legs?

If you want to stow the bellicon® often, go for the foldable option

If at all possible, we recommend you give your bellicon® a permanent place at home – the more you see it, the more you’ll want to use it. For that option, the screw-in legs are perfect. In case you wish to stow your mini trampoline at any time, the legs can be removed and reattached in less than three minutes. This variant also offers the firmest stand without any scope of the legs.

Of course, you may prefer to store your bellicon® out of sight or take it along with you now and then. Just as stable and reliable as our standard screw-in legs, the folding-leg version lets you stow your bellicon® in a cupboard or under the bed in an instant. Or just pop it in the convenient carrier bag for when you’re on the hop. The folding legs may have a little bit of leeway and can therefore - especially on uneven ground – possibly cause a little noise during training.

Of course both versions offer absolute safety during training.

Picture of screw-in and foldable legs