Juice Master’s exclusive Jump & Juice branded bellicon® GO

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112 cm Frame Diameter - Padded Comfort Mat - Orange Bungees!

Ready, Set, GO!

The bellicon® GO Jump & Juice model are Build Your Own Kits. They consist of a three-part frame and are assembled by yourself. A high quality one size and one bungee strength (extra strong) model with screw-on legs for a perfect fitness workout.

Thanks to our detailed instructions, your bellicon® will be ready to use quickly and easily.

It also includes:

-1 pair of antiskid socks black, one size

-Voucher 30 Days bellicon Home

-Instruction booklet bellicon® GO

Jason Vale – also known as the ‘Juice Master’, is the best-selling author of 16 books on health, addiction and juicing; 8 number 1 iOS and Android apps; and the groundbreaking, feature-length documentary SuperJuiceMe!


If you are a Juice Master fan, you will know that one of Jason’s favourite ways to exercise is to jump on a rebounder. He used rebounding to help transform his own health 25 years ago and loves it so much he’s teamed up with us at Bellicon® and added the exclusive and very cool Jump & Juice Bellicon® GO to his health arsenal!


Visit any of his luxury Juice Master Retreats in Portugal or Turkey, where rebounding is an integral part of the weekly plan, and you’ll find an army of Bellicon® rebounders used for packed-out classes that take place in front of the most stunning views.


Low impact and easy on the joints, rebounding is a superb exercise for a wide variety of conditions, including back pain, arthritis and diabetes, along with weight loss, improved cardiovascular health and helping to strengthen the pelvic floor. Regular rebounding sessions can help build strength and improve balance and coordination.


This is the only place you can get your hands on one of these super-cool rebounders at an incredible price. So order now, and get bouncing!

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Strength extra strong (red clip)
Delivery time 1 - 2 weeks