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The bellicon Gift Voucher is a great way to show someone you care by helping them to enjoy greater fitness and health. With a Gift Voucher, they can select their own bellicon, or bellicon accessory, online, choosing the model, style, and color they like best.

After your purchase, you’ll receive the Gift Voucher as a PDF document that you can print out and give to the lucky recipient or you can send the PDF to them via email.

Please note:

  • It can take up to one business day to receive your Gift Voucher by email.
  • Each Gift Voucher can only be redeemed once on the bellicon website.
  • The Gift Voucher must be redeemed from the same online shop of the country from which it was purchased (e.g. www.bellicon.com/gb_en/ for the UK, www.bellicon.com/us_en for bellicon USA, etc.).
  • The Gift Voucher is non-refundable and not redeemable for cash.